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Book 11: TURN COAT (No Spoilers)

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Berkley Publishing Group (berkleypub) | 37 comments Mod
Warden Morgan and Harry have never been friends - but now Morgan has been accused of murder, and he wants Harry to clear his name. Let's talk TURN COAT! Please do not post spoilers in this thread for anything beyond this book, for those who are reading the series for the first time.

message 2: by Wordwizard (new)

Wordwizard (wordwizardw) | 107 comments We discover towards the end that Anastasia never truly loved Harry since he was unprotected from vampires by mutual true love. However, Karrin Murphy kissed his forehead and lips, declaring that she loved him, and he did likewise, so why didn't that provide him with protection? Love doesn't have to be romantic love with PIV sex to be true love; that's an extremely narrow viewpoint. I thought Karrin did that specifically to protect Harry before he went out to battle vampires. She didn't WANT to get into that territory, but he needed the shielding. Why didn't it work?

message 3: by Meryl (new)

Meryl | 25 comments It's from Turn Coat on that I went from liking the Dresden series to loving it. The development of Harry and Morgan's relationship here is great, and what it brought out about Molly explained the complexity that evolved in the books since then. And I have to say, the microfic journal entry from Morgan really added depth to my re-read here. :)

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Wordwizard (wordwizardw) | 107 comments Can we discuss that microfiction, or is it a spoiler?

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Yasmin Mazur | 196 comments You cam go to the other thread, but i don't think it's a spoiler here - people should read the short stories according to the dresden timeline at this stage, and this is the time to read it.

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David Kanevsky | 2 comments it takes not love, but True Love. ie sex with someone you are In Love With.
Otherwise anyone with parents who love them or a best friend would be protected.

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