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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 4 comments I'm looking for betas for the first in an oceanpunk adventure series. The first book is a very loose adaptation of Treasure Island in submarines.
Mostly I'm looking for general opinions and constructive criticism as well as any plot holes or factual errors (guns feature frequently, but I know nothing about them!). Ideally I'd like to receive feedback by July 31st, but I'm not on a set deadline.
If another author wants to do a critique swap with me then I'd be fine with that too. I have a degree in Creative Writing and close to ten years of experience with writing and copy editing.
Word count: 68k. Genre: Steampunk (specifically oceanpunk), adventure, romance. POV: 3rd person. Sex: Minor mentions. Violence: Killing but nothing graphic or gory. Swearing: Some. Other: LGBT+ characters.

message 2: by Christian (new)

Christian Cura | 26 comments Hi Jessica! I am interested in beta reading your novel. I have a sci-fi short story of 1900 words to swap, if you are interested.

Please email the manuscript to with the subject line 'oceanpunk'. Thanks!

message 3: by Shelbie (new)

Shelbie Kellum | 3 comments Jessica, your story sounds very interesting! I'd love to beta read for you. I'm an avid reader and a writer so I think I could offer some useful feedback. The deadline of July 31st isn't a problem for me.

message 4: by Suzan (new)

Suzan | 44 comments Hi Jessica!
Oceanpunk sounds intriguing! I have some experience with guns (not an expert, though) but not submarines. :)
No problem with your deadline. I'm looking to swap also, I've got a post with details here, let me know if you are interested:

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