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Trick or Treat
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message 1: by Justin (last edited May 10, 2020 10:24PM) (new)

Justin Tate | 26 comments Hi, I noticed this book has a terrible cover posted. I scanned my copy and would like it to replace the ugly one.

Book link:

Improved cover:

Additionally, there's some mis-information. The title is not capitalized correctly and the publisher should be "Berkley". Here's a link to the book on WorldCat:

I'd love if someone can add this description from the back of the book:

"Edna Monroe was unsophisticated, dull, and incapable of keeping up with her sociable, successful husband Mike. She was in the way--of Mike and the younger, livelier Linda whom he loved. And on Halloween night--while Mike was out of town and Linda was at the movies--Edna Monroe died of unnatural causes . . ."

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23204 comments Done. Also merged the other 2 empty editions.

message 3: by Justin (new)

Justin Tate | 26 comments @Sandra thank you so much! ❤️

message 4: by Justin (new)

Justin Tate | 26 comments @Sandra one tiny other thing...I don’t know the official library rules, but should ‘treat’ be capitalized in the title?

message 5: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23204 comments Yes, it should be. I didn't even look at it.


message 6: by Justin (new)

Justin Tate | 26 comments ❤️😀🎉

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