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message 1: by Drace (new)

Drace (dracenines) | 149 comments So, the author J-F Dubeau has an upcoming book called Song of the Sandman. It is a sequel to his book A God in the Shed, and I was planning to add an actual edition of it to the page, but I noticed multiple issues:

-The Kindle edition is associated with the wrong author. It links to "J-F. Dubeau" instead of Dubeau's actual author page.

-I have not been able to track down a proper release date for the book. The paperback edition is listed as October 2nd, 2018. The Kindle edition is listed as June 16th, 2020. On Amazon the paperback edition's release date is listed as both January 14 2020 but only available for preorder, with the release date being listed as June 2, 2020. The Amazon page for the Kindle edition lists the release date as January 19, 2021. How is one supposed to figure out the actual release date in circumstances like this?

-Dubeau gives the series that A God in the Shed and Song of the Sandman are both a part of the title "The Books of Hate and Death" on the Inkshares page- is this enough to qualify it as an Official Series Title to be added to the Goodreads pages, or is something more needed?

Thanks for anyone who provides help with these issues.

message 2: by Mousum (new)

Mousum | 4734 comments moved to the actual author page

message 3: by Drace (new)

Drace (dracenines) | 149 comments Thanks for moving it, Mousum! Also, bumping this topic to see if any librarians have any info on my questions about these issues.

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