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message 1: by Abeer (new)

Abeer Naweid | 4 comments When I started reading the book I found myself very very confused it’s a completely different sort of style of writing for me, never read a book like this ever so thank you so much prem for opening my eyes to a whole new genre.

Something I felt was that this is wayy ahead of its time. I felt like if you were to write a book and your entire thinking process were to spill on to paper this is exactly what the book would look.

Looking forward to reading her other book, which brings me to an interesting point where she defines herself as a product of an incident where people will now forever associate her as a victim or survivor and how painful it could be to have your wound picked at so many times. It really makes me wonder is it worth writing your experience out like that I mean you need the strength of a bull but like also you need to be emotionally numb maybe to have to be okay with people constantly picking on this.

I do have more points but just to get the ball rolling let’s start with this.

message 2: by Sarika (new)

Sarika (sarikaalam) | 3 comments Mod
Echoing Abeer, I have to say that Kandasamy's experimental writing style was a first for me. The synopsis drew me in and I was expecting more from the fictional story but found myself more invested in Kandasamy's memoirs.

I do applaud the author for the subjects she decided to explore. I personally loved her commentary on creative inspiration and how people of color and their stories are limited by the backgrounds they come from. "No one treats us as writers, only as diarists who survived." This quote will stick with me for a while!

Looking forward to read her other works, especially When I Hit You: Or, A Portrait of the Writer as a Young Wife.

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