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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Fiction - Two people tasked with finding a missing kid who broke into a strange house

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message 1: by Akira (new)

Akira | 2 comments Trying to remember a book i once found in 2015-17
This was about two people looking for a kid who broke in to a strange house which was filled doors.
The thing was every door lead to a different timeline, realities or dimension and the kid went in one:ending up in Victorian era of London or as i remembered it. Once through a door however,a entity controlling the house will manipulate the subject's mind into truly existing in said reality,creating a new story for them and erasing past memory and the memory of entering the door in the first place.
Which leads to two people looking for the missing kid and going through wacky,odd and strange adventures while trying to keep their true identities together.

And that's about all i can remember,
Might kinda sound like a rick & morty thing or stein's gate bit.
But i love stories like this and i think this book was way before its time.
Anyways thanks for viewing and hope you can help me find what I'm looking for.

message 2: by Akira (new)

Akira | 2 comments nah i don't think that's it but thanks anyways.

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