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Quarantine Book Club??
Maria  (Booksthrumyeyes) Maria May 09, 2020 06:11PM
Any one interested in doing a virtual book club? Starting Ready Player One by Ernest Cline on May 9, 2020. Maybe do a discussion chapter by chapter, see everyone's take on it or how they're enjoying it?

I enjoyed this book a lot. I love the virtual reality aspect, but also the nostalgic, retro pop-culture as well.

Currently writing my own virtual world sci-fi book called 'The Memory Engine'. To be released later this year.

What I enjoyed about this book was its celebration of the pop culture that filled my life. The movie built on that by... [SPOILER ALERT, STOP READING NOW] ...BY having a climatic mega battle between a lawless corporation and countless characters from almost every movie, video game, and TV show of my life time, and I'm old. [END SPOILER]

The book did have a couple places where the tension was undermined by the author's approach, and there was a Chekov's Gun situation with the Family Ties references at the beginning. Despite these flaws, this has become one of my favorite books.

Hi! how are you? Did you finish it? just now, i saw your post.. but i finished the book two days ago. What do you think about it?

The second half of the book i think its better than the fist half.
And i think that the book its MUCH better than the movie

(English ist not my native language... so sorry if i make mistakes!)

When I started reading it, it happens that upon the next day, it's quarantine period. I love when Wade has to do physical exercise to charge batteries. I need that!

Candela Yes! Oasis is not a good enviroment to live ALL the time (because you forget real relationships and human contact).... but maybe it will be a good ide ...more
Jun 01, 2020 11:52PM
Noemi Ready Player One is one of my favorite books of all time. It is a nostalgic and engrossing story. This is a good quarantine book and escape book. I ha ...more
Jul 12, 2020 10:28AM

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