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OSS sisters! Today is National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls🔴

Although feminism is inclusive, revolutionary and is shaping the mentality and behavior of old and new generations, most of it only reaches to privileged women. A lot of native women and girls are mistreated, kidnapped and killed; their families are ignored by governments and authorities. Today you can help them by creating awareness about their situation!

If you have Instagram you can upload your picture wearing red and tagging @niwrc and @survivalinternational 🔴

🔺 #MMIWGActionNow #NoMoreStolenSisters #MMIWG #WhyWeWearRed #insolidarity 🔺


¡Hermanas OSS! Hoy es el Día Nacional de Conciencia para las Mujeres y Niñas Nativas Desaparecidas y Asesinadas🔴

El feminismo es inclusivo, revolucionario y está moldeando la mentalidad y el comportamiento de las generaciones nuevas y viejas, sin embargo, la mayor parte sólo llega a las mujeres privilegiadas. Muchas mujeres y niñas nativas son maltratadas, secuestradas y asesinadas; sus familias son ignoradas por los gobiernos y las autoridades. ¡Hoy puedes ayudarlas creando conciencia sobre su situación!

Si tienen Instagram, puede subir su imagen usando algo rojo y etiquetando a @niwrc y @survivalinternational 🔴

🔺 #MMIWGActionNow #NoMoreStolenSisters #MMIWG #WhyWeWearRed #insolidarity 🔺

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Pam | 1070 comments Mod

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Florian (laughingflow) | 215 comments That's a fair point, people who benefit for feminism are the privileged first.

Let alone that point, I think it's a good thread to raise awareness and call for some support. :)

Also, would you mind to detail a bit how to do the red thing please?

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Pam | 1070 comments Mod

Very simply, take a selfie wearing red and use these hashtags. @niwrc and @survivalinternational

The goal is to spread awareness by starting the conversation.

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Florian (laughingflow) | 215 comments I realized I did not understand it at all. I thought there was some kind of process to add a red band or something like that in the profile picture.
Why should I think simple when I can think difficult... oh boys... sometimes really I bug myself.

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Thank you Pam and Florian for caring! If I can make that one or two people get interested in the importance of native women and girls receive the benefits of feminism, I'm happy!


¡Gracias Pam y Florian por interesarse! Si puedo lograr que una o dos personas se interesen en la importancia de que mujeres y niñas indígenas reciban los beneficios del feminismo, ¡eso me hace feliz!

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Julie (sappho70) | 1 comments ❤️

message 8: by Annie (new)

Annie | 44 comments That's incredibly offensive and completely false. That's highly racist to boot.

How dare you come on to a thread talking about the deaths of women and blame the victim. And then discredit an entire race of individuals and call them backward or passive. Especially coming from someone in India.

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Bhumika (bhumikakatyayan) | 6 comments The native women are not ignorant but oppressed, they are backward because they are denied education and a progressive society that would help their critical thinking and let them dream. I see where this thought might have come from, coming from India many a times the oppresser of women are not just men but fellow women too, but that is because seeds of patriarchy are sown deep within those women for a long time and they carry it with them from generation to generation. They're brainwashed into thinking that a patriarchal society is normal, and have accepted their opressed statuses as equal. But that can't justify their situation, and we can't leave them at what they are and say it's they who are responsible for their fate. As a privileged group it should be our responsibility tho reach out to them and teach them their rights.

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Genna Kules | 1 comments Native folx are not "backwards." White folx with our / their colonial, capitalist systems have commit genocide of Native folx for more than 500 years because they did not think of Native folx as "Christian" and therefore, based on the "Doctrine of Discovery" (look it up, Steve Newcomb, Kumeyaay, has written extensively about this text), have not had success in taking back their lands. Native folx have fought hard for equality, but just as White Feminism has left out Black womxn, it has also (intentionally) left out Native womxn.

Simply because Native folx do not always subscribe to the "dominant" system of belief (ownership of land, jesus as the "lord and savior") does not mean they are "backwards." Native folx have cared for and lived in relationship with the earth and all beings for millenia, and continue to do so today, protecting the earth from harm, maintaining balance by restoring forests and contributing to the health and wellbeing of ecosystems, using fire to cleanse forests in order for endemic plants to thrive and invasives to die out. If you think about it, white folx, colonizers, imperialists are the folx who are backwards. White folx build on top of the land, cover the earth with concrete making it impossible for the earth to breathe, (making it impossible for Native and Black folx who live in these concrete jungles to breathe, too). White folx prevent fires from cleansing the earth because they don't want their houses to burn. But we were never meant to live in permanent structures. Fires are a natural pesticide, and massive fires should be a sign to us that we are the pests. We need to listen to the earth. We were never meant to suffocate her. We must return to a way of living that replenishes the earth, not takes from her. We need to listen to Native and Black leadership in order to become a society that ensures the wellbeing of all its children, humxns of all races, creeds, orientations, genders, and animals, plants, insects, rivers, all species and elements that make this place suitable for habitation.

I hope this helps to begin your understanding of why it is harmful to call Native folx "backwards" and to accept that Feminism has been used for the benefit of white folx and has historically left out people of color especially Black and Indigenous folx. While that may not have been the intention of Feminism from the start, it has certainly manifested itself in that way for generations.

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I don't believe native folks are backwards. They just have their own way of life that is different from ours.

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Bhumika (bhumikakatyayan) | 6 comments Hey Jonathan and Genna, I'm sorry if I'm sounding offensive or ignorant, (cuz that's not my motive) but I'd like to know a clearer definition of "native" because I thought it would be anyone who's many generations are born and brought in the place they're living, in that case most of the women in my country would be native. Please elaborate it for me, as I'm new to this and trying to educate myself through you people.

message 13: by Stacey (new)

Stacey Hill (stacey_hill) | 1 comments @Bhumika, the term Native as it is being used in this thread is short for Native American, and refers to the indigenous people of America. Ideally, when used in this manner it should be capitalized.

The word native (uncapitalized) means where you were born. For instance, I am a native of California since that is where I was born, regardless of the fact that I left when I was 6 months old and have never lived there since.

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Bhumika (bhumikakatyayan) | 6 comments Thanks Stacey for clearing it for me. I get it now.

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Rida Imran  (ridaimran) | 22 comments

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