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March 2020 Readathons > 24in48 Readathon - March 21-22, 2020

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message 1: by Elyse (last edited Mar 22, 2020 07:44AM) (new)

Elyse (weezielemoo) | 1003 comments The 24in48 team is having an impromptu "social distancing edition" of the normal 24in48 Readathon. A no-frills-just-read type readathon. And I can't wait! This is my sign-up post! I will be posting here and on Instagram @weezielemoo.

TBR to come!

message 3: by Elyse (last edited Mar 21, 2020 05:22AM) (new)

Elyse (weezielemoo) | 1003 comments Good morning! It's 8:12am EST and I'm going to clear up a few more things then planning to officially start the timer at 8:30am. Not planning on checking in frequently or even have any specific times when I'm checking in. Whenever I feel like it! I'm ready to escape!

For my current reads, here is my progress:
Novels -
Scarlet: 29% through
Blame the Dead: page 52
Audio -
The Miniaturist: My hold just expired for audio but the e-book was available. 56% through

message 4: by Elyse (last edited Mar 21, 2020 07:35PM) (new)

Elyse (weezielemoo) | 1003 comments Check-in:
I listened to a little over 2 hours of White Rabbit and read about 130 pages of Blame the Dead and a couple of chapters of The Miniaturist!
Ran one errand that was a must and took the doggos for a walk.
Switched it up and just finished Paper Girls, Vol. 4 and now starting Paper Girls, Vol. 5.
Total read time: A little over 9 hours

message 5: by Elyse (new)

Elyse (weezielemoo) | 1003 comments Check-in:
Started the timer again at about 8:15am EST. Ended up also reading Paper Girls, Vol. 6 last night thus completing the series!
As of right now I've read for over 13 hours so I need to read for the whole day and some of the night and I will not be leaving my house at all. And it looks like I will still be going to work tomorrow.
Revolving between Blame the Dead, The Miniaturist, and Scarlet until I finish them!
And listening to White Rabbit when I need to.

message 6: by Elyse (last edited Mar 23, 2020 05:50AM) (new)

Elyse (weezielemoo) | 1003 comments Made it to 24 hours at about 9:15pm EST last night! Woot! First time everrrr!

Books started:
White Rabbit (audio) (0-75% or 252 pages)

Books finished:
Blame the Dead (pages 52-336=284 pages)
The Miniaturist (56-100% or 185 pages)

Books made progress in:
Scarlet (29-50% or 97 pages)

Graphic novels read completely:
Paper Girls, Vol. 4 (128 pages)
Paper Girls, Vol. 5 (128 pages)
Paper Girls, Vol. 6 (140 pages)
The Infernal Path (144 pages)
The Once and Future King (136 pages)

Total time reading: 18 hours 41 minutes
Total time listening: 5 hours 19 minutes
Total pages (including audio): 1,494

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