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Juli | 1763 comments Mod
3-23-30 edit
How do people feel about postponing this buddy read? This book doesn't exist in eBook format and people are having a hard time procuring their copy. Plus, I've heard from numerous people (including myself - yes I talk to myself sometimes) that they are having a hard time focusing on reading. I personally have been seeking more light-hearted or uplifting books.

3-3-20 edit

April 1 is the official start date for this group read!

There are 23 chapters, Appendix A through F, and Appendix II-A through II-D. This is a thick book: it has pages on pages with just a few words on it, and others with teeny tiny dense footnotes and several appendices.

Most group schedules I found online tackle the read in one month. I think we should aim for 2 months. The schedule below is essentially doubling a schedule I found on the interwebs. The page numbers are not evenly distributed due to the book having dense and less dense pages. Appendices and footnotes should be read when they come up within the chapters.

April 1 - April 14 Introduction - Chapter VII (Pg. 1 - 96)
April 15 - April 28 Chapter VIII - Chapter XII (Pg 97 - 312)
Apri 29 - May 12 Chapter XIII - Chapter XVIII (Pg 313 - 417)
May 13 - May 27 Chapter XIX - Chapter XXIII (Pg 418 - 528)

I will make sure to check-in at least once per 2 week period on the last day of that period to facilitate discussion. I am thinking about posting discussion questions along the way. I also plan to have a sort of wrap-up check-in on May 31.



I've been trying to read House of Leaves for a while now. I started at the beginning of January but haven't made much progress. It's so dense! Plus, you have to read the physical book to get all the weird footnotes and spellings and colors and hints etc ... Honestly, I don't even know if it exists in eBook form.

Elyse has expressed that she too is intimated by the book. So we thought, making it a structured buddy read might be the best solution. Who would be interested in that? Once we can agree on a start date and a pace, I can write up a little schedule. I am thinking we should read a certain number of pages (if it fits a whole chapter) per week - no faster than that. Thoughts?

I order for people to have enough time to procure the book, I'd say we should not start before April 1.

Please comment below if you're interested and when you could start and any other thoughts.


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Shelby Suderman | 1625 comments I have this on my tbr, but I don’t think I’ll be getting to it this year. I don’t have easy access to a copy either.

message 3: by Kyle (new)

Kyle Wiewiorski | 2 comments Hey,

I’m interested in reading this for you. I just have to see if my library has it. If they have it I can start it any time.


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Elyse (weezielemoo) | 7290 comments Mod
I would be down for April 1. I've been doing some research on it and how to read it, discussion questions, etc. I'll post my findings.

And no, it is not an e-book!

message 5: by Drew (new)

Drew K (goodreadscomdrew_k) OK, I'm in. Book's arriving from Amazon tomorrow, April 1 would be a good start date for me too.

message 6: by Stacie (new)

Stacie (stacieh) | 1732 comments I can start in April. Maybe I'll be able to get more than a few pages in to it before I get distracted this time ;)

message 7: by Heather (new)

Heather P (loverbooks15) I would love to join in this buddy read. Unfortunately, I will not be able to get my hands on the book as every book store and library is closed right now :(

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Elyse (weezielemoo) | 7290 comments Mod
We may be rethinking this one/postponing due to the current happenings!

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Juli | 1763 comments Mod
Elyse wrote: "We may be rethinking this one/postponing due to the current happenings!"

Elyse, I just came here to say the same thing. The fact that this doesn't exist in eBook format and that it seems people are struggling to focus on reading and may be looking for more light-hearted reads, I was thinking we should postpone this.

message 10: by Drew (new)

Drew K (goodreadscomdrew_k) Sounds good. I'll check the board for other buddy reads, I think I could use that right now.
What times...

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Juli | 1763 comments Mod
Drew wrote: "Sounds good. I'll check the board for other buddy reads, I think I could use that right now.
What times..."

Feel free to propose your own buddy read as well! :)

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