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Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, #6)
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Book 6: BLOOD RITES (No Spoilers)

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Berkley Publishing Group (berkleypub) | 37 comments Mod
Harry goes undercover on an adult film set and finds out some shocking personal truths. Let's talk BLOOD RITES! Please do not post spoilers in this thread for anything beyond this book, for those who are reading the series for the first time.

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Wordwizard (wordwizardw) | 107 comments At the end of Ch. 41, He Who Walks Behind puts in a last word to Harry, "And I remember thee. Thou and I, we have unfinished business. " Then he disappears, allowing an exhausted Harry to rescue Thomas and Murphy with no further distractions. How convenient. No one made him go. Any ideas why he didn't take care of unfinished business then and there?

Paulum Mortis | 93 comments The Great and Powerful Trixie is by far the greatest part of this book!

Many years ago now—yeesh, I’m getting old—was commuting on a train, overhearing a bunch of people talk about Dresden Files. Specifically which one should they get on Audiobook. I interrupted them, which I cannot imagine doing today, ‘cos something absolutely had to be said…
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There’s a part in this story where TGaP Trixie Vixen is holding a gun on our hero… he’s holding a cup of coffee in one hand and an unconnected phone in the other… and James Marsters (the guy who played Spike in BtVS) is laughing his frickin’ ass off narrating the scene!

It’s a historical moment. Beyond words!

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