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ARCHIVE 2020 > Fire & Blood (A Targaryen History #1)

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message 1: by Lois (new)

Lois Lane I’m eager to get started on this. While I’m not a huge fan of House Targaryen, the background on Westerosi history should be interesting. (And we all have to do something to pass the time while waiting and waiting and waiting for TWOW.)

message 2: by Kishore (new)

Kishore Kadapala (kishore_kadapala) | 15 comments I recently finished reading this and was a bit disappointed to say the least. It is very entensive and doesn't make for a light read. Too many characters with uneven pacing.

message 3: by Scott (new)

Scott Flicker | 1191 comments I listened to the audiobook for this last summer and really enjoyed it. Some of it was boring but other parts were moving and tragic that made up for the others.

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