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A Place to Call Home
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Middle reader/possibly YA book - young girl's mother abandons her and baby sibling. She has to take care of the baby in secret so the authorities won't find out. [s]

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message 1: by Dayle (new)

Dayle | 3 comments Read this book in the mid to late 90's. The family lives in a trailer and the mother is struggling with some sort of addiction. Girl comes home from school to find baby crying in crib. Has obviously been left alone all day. Very wet diaper, tear stained face, etc. The girl takes the baby and gets her a bottle, cleans her up. The mother doesn't return, so the girl now has to find a way to pay for diapers/milk, and care for the baby and feed themselves without the authorities finding out. She's sure her mom will return, doesn't want to be sent away. Took place in contemporary times, small town...maybe?

message 3: by Dayle (new)

Dayle | 3 comments I don't think any of these is it. The Day My Parents Ran Away sounds sort of similar...but I honestly don't remember there being a Dad, or another sibling. It is possible though. I'll put it on my maybe list :)

message 4: by Rainbowheart (new)

Rainbowheart | 16818 comments How old was the girl, teenager or younger child?

There are lots of books about abandoned kids, but fewer involving baby siblings.

Carol, Don't Tell?

Mama, Let's Dance?

A Place to Call Home?

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Dayle | 3 comments That’s it!!! A Place to Call Home! I remember the cover. Yayyy! Thanks so much 💕💕

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Rainbowheart | 16818 comments Awesome, I'm glad that turned out to be it!

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