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Deborah (deborahkliegl) | 4460 comments Mod
Please post your background information here.

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Robin P | 2063 comments Mod
There is some info on Dumas on our archived thread for The Count of Monte Cristo under

2011 Group Reads - Archives > The Count of Monte Cristo - Background Information and Resources (You can always access archived threads, but you may have to open additional topics to see them.)

Here is some unofficial info on Dumas' life. Way back in my grad school days, I worked on a dissertation (which I never finished) on Dumas' theatrical works.

Dumas was the son of a half-black Napoleonic general. The father's story is excellently told in the non-fiction The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo As a young man, Dumas set off, just like d'Artagnan, to make his fortune in Paris. He first became famous as a dramatist. He and Victor Hugo pioneered a new style of play, more like Shakespeare than like the French classics, because it mixed tragedy, comedy, poetry and prose. Dumas wrote a LOT, often with the help of ghost writers in his later years. Through his serialized novels, he made and spent a fortune. He was famous as a gourmand (he wrote an encyclopedia of cooking) and a raconteur, a memorable host or guest at parties. He would have been a fabulous participant on a TV talk show!

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Lori Goshert (lori_laleh) | 1293 comments Mod
The Black Count is amazing!

I love Dumas (and his ghostwriters, whoever they were). Looking forward to reading this. (Have a couple chapters left of Arthur Gordon Pym and then I'll start.)

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Gem  | 685 comments Mod
Sorry for getting to this late... I'll get some more background posted within the next day or so. I'm looking forward to this book.

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Liz Wahba • Elyse Welles  (andthatmeanscomfort) | 3 comments This article has a great historical background on the William of Orange takeover the book begins explaining. Be careful though as it also has a complete summary of the book. It’s a good reference while you read if you get confused by any Dutch names, too, great character descriptions.

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