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message 1: by Jackie (new)

Jackie | 170 comments I love Toni Morrison but this story is so tragic. I had to take a few days break after Cholly's chapter and now I'm struggling through Soaphead's. I hate that the author tries to make you feel compassion for these awful men but that's what I love about her writing.

message 2: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Wendt (wendtastic) | 364 comments Mod
I really did not like this book at all - I know it's a classic and she is a well-respected author, but it was just too fancy for me. Some of the language and images went right over my head - I kept wondering what she was trying to get me to think or feel. It's a tragic story, but I couldn't find a single thing I could relate to or latch on to. I got lost in the transitions between characters or perspectives and mainly was just glad I hadn't had to read it in school and provide some sort or report or analysis on it. I'm sure there is a lot more to it than I got out of it, so I don't mean to criticize the book - it just wasn't for me.

That's ok, right? Not every book is for everybody :)

message 3: by Jackie (new)

Jackie | 170 comments Totally ok. There have been books this group had loved that didnt do it for me. I think I am just drawn to tragedy and a good cry lol

message 4: by Sam (new)

Sam | 220 comments It was a reread for me. I must have read it 30 years ago after being introduced to Beloved. After reading Beloved I read all her books published at the time and continued to read her until Jazz which came out maybe 1996. But I haven't read her later novels and will now take a look at one of those to read.

I really liked The Bluest Eye, although several of her other books I appreciate more. But I liked it's themes and the window into what self-hatred and a society that shows hatred to a particular race does to individuals and families.

It was Morrison's first book. She was writing it in the mid-sixties and got it published in 1970. My edition has an interesting afterward by Morrison, looking back on this novel where she talks about what she thought worked in the novel, what she struggled with, what she wishes she could have done differently.

She talks about making the decision to not "demonize" the characters in the book doing awful things. And in part, she probably wants our racist society and white people to take some responsibility for what racism-and poverty-- does to people and families.

message 5: by Sam (new)

Sam | 220 comments I was so excited to bring up my e-copy of last week's New Yorker and scroll to a profile of Toni Morrison, looking back at The Bluest Eye 50 years later. I'm only a couple pages into the article but it is great insight and history. Thought I would share.

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