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message 1: by Rina (new)

Rina Mody | 8 comments Hello, the book linked below lists an incorrect title. The title should be: To Me, He Was Just Dad. The subtitle is: Stories of Growing Up with Famous Fathers.

Could someone please help correct this?

message 2: by Scott (new)

Scott | 21411 comments fixed

message 3: by Rina (new)

Rina Mody | 8 comments Thank you! Could someone also update the description to read:

Men like John Wayne and John Lennon, Nolan Ryan and Bruce Lee, Cesar Chavez, Christopher Reeve, and Miles Davis have touched the lives of millions. But at home, to their children, they were not their public personas. They were Dad. Maybe Davis didn’t leave the office at five o’clock to come home and play catch with his son Erin, but the man we see through Erin’s eyes is so alive, so real, so not the “king of cool” (he taught his son to box, made a killer pot of chili, watched MTV alongside him) that it brings us to a whole new appreciation for the artist.

Each of these forty first-person narratives—intimate, heartfelt, unvarnished, surprising, and profoundly universal—shows us not only a very different view of a figure we thought we knew but also a wholly fresh and moving idea of what it means to be a father.

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