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Jordan (readwithwine) | 7 comments Mod
Welcome Everyone!
Here is the discussion thread for Long Bright River.
Discussion questions will go up on the 16th.

Happy reading!

Jordan (readwithwine) | 7 comments Mod
Discussion is live on Instagram tonight at 7pm CST.


1. LBR is listed as a Mystery/Thriller, but there are a lot of Family Drama elements to it. How did work for you? Especially with the theme around addiction?

2.How did you feel about this fiction book being based on a real place? Was the story believable? Do you know of anyone who has dealt with addiction in their lives?

3. Characters! Why do you think the sisters went down such separate roads? What affected their choices in life and what didn’t they have control over?

4. What did you think of the relationships between the characters?

5. Justice & the Police Department – How does Mickey’s views on her role and ethics compare to her colleagues, and how do those compare to you own experiences?

6. How does the community of Kensington work in this story? Think of the people Mickey interacts with and who helps who throughout the story.

7. There were several twists & turns, caused by mini mysteries in the story eg. Who is the Man looking for Mickey, what happened to Truman? Etc – Which side story reeled you in and why? Did any of these red herrings get you, and when did things click for you?

8. How was the writing style? Was this a page turner? What passages or moments stuck with you?

9. How was the ending? Were there any loose ends? Are you satisfied, upset or left with questions?

Share you final words/thoughts and overall feelings!

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