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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Ya novel- girl goes to crazy mental asylum/rehab ?

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Larisa | 2 comments it was about like a girl who didn't have a good relationship with her parents ?? i think her mom got remarried or smth and her step dad hated her she had an old sister too who i think didn't like her ?? maybe ? anyway i think she got mixed up in the wrong group of kids and started doing drugs or drinking and stuff bc yk she was mad and angry about her step dad and ig her parents found out and sent her away to a mental asylum/rehab ? but the one the sent her to was crazy they made them move around like lunatics in their chairs and like brainwashed them ig when she got there everyone was in a big room sitting in chairs and then when the adults that were in charge start talking all the kids moved around waving their arms and practically flinging themselves out of their chairs like just going insane and she sat still and then guards came by and told her she had to move like everyone else and like yeah that's all i remember it was written by a girl and i'm pretty sure it's based on a true story (like the girl who wrote it actually experienced it) it was written around 2015-2018 the cover was dark i believe it didn't have bright colors i know

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Duplicate thread deleted. Please only post your query once, otherwise it gets confusing.

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Larisa | 2 comments sorry i didn't mean to:( i don't know my way around this app and i thought i was just changing it not posting another one and i couldn't figure out how to delete it :/

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The Goodreads mobile app can be frustrating because it's missing many of the features found on the full Desktop website.

If you have a question, check out the "How This Group Works" folder. We have lots of helpful members around. You can always post a question/comment in your request thread.

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