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Komisch ♡ | 34 comments The magic beings...

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Are we doing two or just one?

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Komisch ♡ | 34 comments Two i just made this i been busy today

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} That's fine. Me too. Which one did you want to do first?

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Komisch ♡ | 34 comments I made the other & honestly it doesn't matter hun since we are doing both lol..

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Kay. Let's have this one be for the patient x doctor.

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Komisch ♡ | 34 comments ohh okay.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Or other way around XD

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Komisch ♡ | 34 comments This one can be for the doctor lol

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Komisch ♡ | 34 comments
• Samantha (Sam) Smith | 24 | 5'4'' | English & Spanish | Canadian accent •

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Okay awesome! I'll have characters up soon. I've got homework and need to eat and stuff.

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Komisch ♡ | 34 comments I like him.. So do you want to start us off on this one? & I will do the other..

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Okay! It'll be a little bit but I will when I can. :)

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} The hospital bed felt confining, just like the horrible nightmares that Garrett had each night since the major accident. He lay stretched out on it, blankets covering him and the thing he hated the most; his missing left leg. He wondered how anyone could hate something that wasn't even there anymore, but perhaps it was hate more directed towards having lost it. He kept his eyes closed, nose already filled with the sharp scent of the hospital.

And the pain...his left leg, though gone, felt like it was on fire, pain searing up and down into his foot that wasn't even there, and burning the hottest at the cut off location. They'd amputated it right above his knee, so he still had part of his thigh. He was glad that the sheets were covering the leg up so he couldn't see it, couldn't see how he wasn't whole anymore like most people. He groaned and kept his eyes closed, waiting for the time when the doctor would return and find him fully awake again since yesterday when he slept through nearly the whole day.

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Komisch ♡ | 34 comments Samantha had just left a room down the hall. She had only be a nurse at the hospital for only a month or so. She had just moved into town before she landed the job. And honestly so far she loved it, it was hard sometimes seeing people at their worst all the time but she loved it when they got better and she could see them at their best finally. "Sam.. Go check 110 for me." said Carlos who happened to be one of the doctors in the hospital. She didn't like him match, he reminded her of Russ.. She rolled her eyes before she turned slightly to glance at him as he sat at the nursing station. "Sure." she answered with a fake smile, she knew that no one could tell the difference she learned how to profit faking a smile. Some might say it is a gift. Samantha turned and headed down to the room, she had checked on 110 before the day after his- yeah. She knew it most be hard for the man but he hadn't even tried to walk and been a few weeks now.

Knock Knock

Samantha waited a few seconds before she opened the door. "Mr.Hunter.." she said softly as she opened the door and walked in. She made sure to try quite just in case he was sleep. She sighed softly when she noticed his eyes close. "I am glad your getting some sleep." she said with an actual smile. She turned to leave out the room.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} "You can come in...I'm awake," Garrett mumbled, opening his eyes and glancing over at the nurse and pressed the button on the side of the bed to prop himself up a little more. The bed creaked once as it moved him into a sitting position. He glanced down at the sheets, then over at her.

"Do you got to...check my...?" He gestured towards where his leg should have been but didn't say the word "stump." He refused to, refused to call it that. He was still in pain despite the fact that the IV was giving him a little pain relief.

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Komisch ♡ | 34 comments She heard him speak and she turned back to him. She looked at him and then in the direction of which he was looking. "Yes.." she said softly as she grabbed a pair of gloves off the wall. Her long dirty blonde hair was in the way so quickly put in a low ponytail to get it out of the say before she put on her gloves. Since she checked on mr. Hunter before she knew way he didn't say leg or even stump. And she knew that he didn't want to see it so she pulled the covers upward to block his view the best she could anyway. She unwrapped it some so she could see his flesh, making sure it was still healing like it should. "It's looking really good.. you should be out of here in no time." she said, her voice was soft and sweet. Some say her voice was like a young girl, which made her hate it. She wrapped him back up with some clean bandages and throw the old ones away with the gloves she had used. She covered him back and gave him a smile. "Do you anything.. hungry.. thirsty.." she asked. She noticed his TV has never been on. "You know your missing a good game today?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. She was a football fan, she was the only girl in the family so it would be unoriginal if she didn't came out to be totally football fan. And if she was to be honest Garrett looked like the type to which some type of sport she could be sure if it was football or not but hey, why not.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Garrett grabbed a fistful of sheets and waited for her to unwrap it and look at it. When she checked on it, he grimaced and made noises letting her know that still even the slightest bit of pressure on it hurt. And according to the doctors, there would always be that pain unless he fought through it and put pressure on it on purpose. They offered him a prosthetic to wear so he could learn to walk again and help heal up the stump. But to him, he didn't want a prosthetic to show everyone around that he had no leg; he wanted his real leg that belonged to him.

He grunted at her approval. "Won't be able to do anything anymore, so what will be the point?" he muttered under his breath. He had kept his head tilted towards the ceiling so he didn't have to see her even touching the spot where the rest of his leg should have been.

"I'm not hungry or thirsty and I don't watch sports," he retorted, finding himself in a sour mood. He used to play soccer all the time, but now that he couldn't run around, there was no point. His entire family used to watch football games together, too. he didn't want to.

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Komisch ♡ | 34 comments "Mm.. Dont wanna watch.. Okay, How about we make a little bet then." She said with a slight smirk. She walked over to the window and sat down to make it easier for Garrett to see her without him worrying about his- empty space. Yeah that sounds better. She sat and looked up at the ceiling. Thinking of what she could out of the bet, something that he wouldn't think she was going soft on him but something that was easy. "okay well the titans and the packers are playing today. I always put my bet on the packers." she said with a smirk. She might have a small crush on the (Smith brothers) but she would never admit. "And if I win I would like to see a smile on your face every time I come and check on you..." she said and that's what she would honestly wanted from him. "So what do you say?" she asked.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Garrett frowned, watching her as she sat down and took her seat. "A bet? I don't bet," he grumbled. "And I don't feel like smiling. What's there to smile about? What, that I'm still alive after the accident? Because I don't want to hear that. When people say that they don't understand. Sorry." He shrugged. "It's cold in here."

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Komisch ♡ | 34 comments Samantha sighed and nodded. "Sorry to bother you then.." she said softly as she got up and walked out the room, she closed the door and leaned against it. She had been in a hospital bed many times, more than she would like to admit. "Sam, are you okay?" Carlos asked, as he was about to but his hand on her shoulder. Samantha moved and frowned at him, she sighed. "Am fine.." she said before she walked off heading off to check on her other patients. "By the way.. I think he needs something stronger. It seems like he hurts more than he should at this point." she stated before disappearing into another room.

Carlos shrugged his shoulders. He was wondered way she always acted tough and kind of cruel towards him but he never asked. Finding it pointless knowing the young girl would only lie about it. Carlos didn't bother knocking before walking into Garrett room. "So I hear you are still hurting.." Carlos said as he walked toward the bed.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Garrett hadn't meant to make the nurse leave, but he couldn't help his frustration. How was he supposed to live without his leg? He probably thought too much about it. Other people got over things like this, but he wasn't.

He looked over towards the doctor who just entered the room, moving to stand near his bed.

"Yeah. And it hurts where it shouldn't even hurt, like down in the foot that I don't have. Why won't that just go away? I'm sick of it. I'm sick of everything!" He groaned.

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Komisch ♡ | 34 comments "Its you mind and body getting use to you not having the leg anymore. Trust me, you will soon not feel anything down there." Carlos said as he started writing on his clipboard. "I will give you something stronger for the pain like your nurse said.. But you have to start walking."he said. Saying in a rough way to much sure the man knew he didn't have a choice in the matter. Carlos glanced up at the man and sighed before he started leaving. "By the way.. try not to take you frustration out on the ones that's trying to help you. Because alot of people won't even think twice about helping you one leg or two." he said before closing the door behind him.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} "How can I start walking when I don't have a leg?" He insisted, glaring at the man. He wished he could just...die. There was no point in trying to live if he wasn't able to walk, even if the doctor said he could try. He couldn't just use a fake leg, he still couldn't use it properly! It wasn't a real leg. He shivered and pulled the sheets around himself.

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Komisch ♡ | 34 comments [He is being a jake-bunny lol.. But umm maybe.. I dont know what to do right now lol]

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} ((Um...we could skip to the day where maybe the nurse returns with the prosthetic and eventually convinces him to put it on and stand up?))

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Komisch ♡ | 34 comments [ohhh okay. That sounds good.]

It had been a week since Samantha had been back to work. She just told everyone that she was sick, which wasn't the truth but she wasn't going to tell anyone that her jerk of an ex broke into her apartment and attacked her. And she had to stay home until her body held up at least the visible parts. And she was glad to be back to try and help one of her more stubborn patients, Garrett. His prosthetic leg was finally in, she opened the the package and made sure it was the one that they ordered for him. She walked down to his room with her fingers crossed that he was in a better mood than he usually be. she knocked like always and waited before she opened the door. "Hey.. did you miss me?" she asked as a joke not really meaning for him to answer. She put the package in a empty chair next to the bed. "Well i got something for you.." she said as she patted the box with a smile on her face.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Garrett was busy flipping through a magazine when Nurse Samantha stepped into the room. At least he was doing something better with his time instead of moping all the time, but he still did that plenty often. At least it was a start on the road to his mental recovery...
"You've been gone awhile," he said with a shrug. "I know you're at least better than most of the nurses here." He peered suspiciously at the box and stiffened slightly, closing the magazine and tossing it to the side of his bed.
" that?" he asked, pointing. He gave her an irritated look as if guessing already what it was. "That's obviously not a box of chocolates."

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Komisch ♡ | 34 comments Samantha giggled at his words. "Aww I missed you to." she said. Even though he didn't say it in a way that others would have she still know he missed her even just a bit. "Pft- I can neve suprise you.. geez." she said with a smile and a roll of her eyes. "Its to help you stop being a bed potato." she said. She opened it and held the leg in her arm, her and Garrett picked it out together once she finally broke thru to his shell. And it looked great at least to her. "We gonna try to walk a bit." she said as she walked over to the bed and uncovered his empty. She received that calling it that helped her just as while as she felt like it helped Garrett. She could be wrong but he never said anything about so- once it was on him right she got off the edge of the bed and glanced down at him. "How it feel?" she finally asked.

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} Garrett stiffened at the sight of the leg. He didn't want to put that on. He didn't want to wear it. He had only picked it out and let them measure his leg and empty so that they could leave him alone about it. He glanced towards the crutches by the wall where the doctor had left them earlier. He had told Garrett that the first little while would be hard to walk and he would need to get used to the pressure and sensitivity first. Eventually he would be able to walk with only a cane, and soon all by himself.
Garrett stared glumly at the new leg and shrugged. "Doesn't feel like anything, to be honest. Well, the end of my leg feels weird with it on." He glanced towards her and shook his head. "I can't do this. I can't walk. It's not the same as a real leg."

Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} ((Unfortunately a lot has been going on lately and I won't be able to continue this RP...))

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