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message 1: by John (new)

John Gisser | 3 comments Thank you all for any help in advance! I attempted to add this myself but it didn't seem to go through, so I figured I'd ask the community for help.

Please provide:
* Title: Planetary Leftovers
* Author(s) name(s): John Gisser
* ISBN (or ASIN): B08466SR93
* Publisher: --(self publishing via KDP, unsure)
* Publication date: January 31, 2020
* Format: Ebook and Paperback (paperbacks can't be pre-ordered, so the Amazon listing doesn't yet reflect more than ebook, but both are there and ready for Friday).
* Description: In Link to book page (sorry, it would make this post messy)
* Page count: 149 (153 total for print, if that matters).
* Link to book page:

If I can provide any more help or information, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for any help!

message 2: by Alexia (new)

Alexia | 133 comments I can only add the kindle edition since I didn't find information to add the paperback one (ISBN...)

message 3: by John (new)

John Gisser | 3 comments Hi! I can link the paperback (it wasn’t live yet before), but also thank you!

Planetary Leftovers

message 5: by John (new)

John Gisser | 3 comments THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Idk why I couldn’t get the form to work the other day.

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