English 9- Period 6 (19-20) discussion


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message 1: by Mrs. Fuentes (new)

Mrs. Fuentes (mrsfuentes) Describe a scene in your book using as much IMAGERY as possible. Make me SEE what is happening in the book!

message 2: by Juan (new)

Juan | 8 comments Some things that I can really imagine in my book is hearing gun shots and people fighting

message 3: by Aaron (new)

Aaron | 8 comments I could see and feel a bald head. A character said, "yeah when you grow some hair." I could just imagen a person that is bald and feeling his head.

message 4: by Milton (last edited Jan 27, 2020 02:56PM) (new)

Milton Torres | 4 comments In the book, there is a scene where she would get up randomly from a movie-making sure no one sees. She would face away from anybody and put her hands in her jacket pockets while making a random excuse to leave.

message 5: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Arreola | 10 comments I can see the messy house with the dirty kitchen, the stained couches, the whithered floorboards, and the uneven furniture. I can smell something expired or rotten. I hear a bunch of yelling, whining, arguing, and conversation from all the people living in the house.

message 6: by Jesus (new)

Jesus M | 7 comments Animal Farm, chapter 5
Something that is happening is about a horse outside with a lot of new ribbons and a man feeding and touching its hair.

message 7: by Belen (new)

Belen De | 10 comments A scene is where the protagonist sits down to think about the great deception she had on her husband's part and wonders what her husband is doing, knowing what her husband was doing. while her husband went with another woman to hang out, his wife continued to repress those feelings of anguish and sadness

message 8: by Ana (new)

Ana | 1 comments Something that I see in Assata's book is that I can see her in the hospital bed all scared because they keep asking her a lot of questions and harassing her.

message 9: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin | 8 comments They're walking into an abandoned building and you can hear as the water drips down onto the floor, as well as the pattering of footsteps scurrying around the building, and you hear the whispers of the people who now live there.

message 10: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 4 comments A scene in this book that I felt or I could imagen myself is when Assata said " Speeding down the road the sirens loud that could burst my ear feeling those chills in the body thinking why are we getting stopped"

message 11: by Xitlalith (new)

Xitlalith | 9 comments In the book, a short story name In the Family is about an old spotted mirror which reflected the dear departed in the family. once the people in the story were going to sit down in their favorite chair and so un the mirror the same chair was occupied by someone else who is not in the room at that time.

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