English 9- Period 3 (19-20) discussion


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message 1: by Mrs. Fuentes (new)

Mrs. Fuentes (mrsfuentes) Describe a scene in your book using as much IMAGERY as possible. Make me SEE what is happening in the book!

message 2: by Cris (new)

Cris Loya | 7 comments The book Rage is back I can feel how annoyed he is or how he does not care about thinking his friend is somehow alive

message 3: by Alejandro (new)

Alejandro Contreras  | 11 comments people fill the streets yelling out chants for what they believe. fools throwing up the set whether it be a gang or empowerment of woman or Chicanos.

message 4: by Angel (new)

Angel | 4 comments Hagrid uses a long black umbrella, points it at the muggle's son, and a bright flash of light that nearly blinds you fills the cold little shack. The boy squeals as a little pink curly tail begins to sprout from his behind

message 5: by Gustavo (new)

Gustavo | 10 comments In the book, It was mostly a group of people having a conversation, it transcended from the people that live in the village blaming Tituba and Parris's daughters for doing black magic activity in the village. I see people in a room having a big discussion about what to do about the situation and how they are going to handle it.

message 6: by theresa (new)

theresa (louwinsilk) | 11 comments Young, teen-age Eleanor with her bright, frizzy orange hair is standing in the crowd of a bus, unable to find a seat as everyone stares at her intently.

message 7: by Melanie (new)

Melanie | 8 comments I saw a guy with a box in his hands walking in New York City and then when he sees the other guy

message 8: by Cesar (new)

Cesar | 10 comments I see Hanna about to swallow some pills and before that I can see her make tapes

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