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message 1: by Bella Vista (new)

Bella Vista Public Library | 30 comments Mod
Okay, time to spill it. Did you like it? Tell us why and start the discussion!

Amanda Gibson (cowardlylion89) | 27 comments Mod
Thanks to this book, I found out that Joe Hill is Stephen King's son! He made references to Shawshank and I think Pennywise? I just finished It not too long ago so I could be making that up.

To sum up what I thought of this book in one word: EH.

It was meant to be scary, but it was only kinda creepy to me. And in like true Stephen King fashion, it drug on. He could have removed hundreds of words and it would have been fine. The plot was interesting BUT I didn't really click with any of the characters. There were also some parts of the plot that confused me. I almost didn't finish the book but I wanted to know how it ended. I guess that's something!

message 3: by Lily (new)

Lily Clegg (wiltinglily) | 4 comments So this book was just ok which was kind of a downer since I love Joe Hill’s other books especially Heart Shaped Box.

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