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message 1: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (jenn1bodle) | 18 comments Lucia Ashta has changed the title of her book form Power Object to Power Pendant
It should read as Magical Creatures Academy 5: Next Level ~ Power Pendant
The cover can be found here:

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Bodle | 1 comments

The book cover is here!!!

message 3: by Emily (last edited Jan 27, 2020 12:29PM) (new)

Emily | 13558 comments Someone made a new edition for it. Until the cover is updated on Amazon, we can't move the ASIN to that edition.
The title is formatted to Goodreads standards. Please see the other thread:

message 4: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (jenn1bodle) | 18 comments the cover was updated on amazon. the only change is the word object to pendant. B07ZFX8KNY is the asin

message 5: by Emily (last edited Jan 27, 2020 04:55PM) (new)

Emily | 13558 comments I thought it was the other way around, I misunderstood. It appears to be correct now that the alternate cover edition was created.

message 6: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23825 comments I made the cover with asin yesterday, as it was up on Amazon.

However, my question on the other thread still stands.

"is the whole series changing to Magical Creatures Academy: Next Level or should it in fact be a new series?"

Until we have an answer the books won't be added to any series, despite what is in the title.

message 7: by Carina (new)

Carina Taylor (carinataylor) | 9 comments I'm wondering how to update the cover on my book, Neighbors Like That. I added the new cover, but it;s still displaying the old pink one, rather than the new yellow one.

message 8: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23825 comments #7 Carina, please next time start a new thread.
Only authors & staff can determine the default edition, here are the details.

message 9: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (jenn1bodle) | 18 comments yes it is the same series just a different characters point of view. So that's why it's called next level.
Magical Creatures academy 5: next level ~ power pendant (it still says object)

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