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message 1: by Kaaya (new)

Kaaya Kaavvii | 1 comments Book Title -Falling Heart
* Author(s) name(s)-Kaaya Kaavvii
* ISBN (or ASIN)-9781370626519
* Publisher-Self published
* Publication date-20/1/2020
* Format-kindle
* Description-

The red string of fate that connects the two soul mates was broken by him, not me, never me.
The fate that was decided by the moon goddess..he tried to change it ,not me.
Why then, was I punished..?

Zairiya grew up believing herself a curse and an outcast to the people she belonged to.She was banished by her pack as she entered this world.Mother Nature took pity on her and granted her only wish, Aeran as her mate, but even that was a cruel joke played on her by the fate.She loved and loved from the very core of her being ,she gave everything for that love,for Aeran, crossing all boundaries to acquire the unattainable love of her mate.
But maybe that was not enough.
Then something disastrous happened and her very soul blackened, turning all that love to hatred so cruel that nothing mattered to her anymore.
Finally she gave in and lost herself forever.

Let me tell you a story of love, a story of betrayal, a story of death, a story of Zairi and Aeran.

* Page count- 325
* Link -

message 2: by Koenraad (new)

Koenraad (koenraadkelemen) | 5081 comments On GR kindle editions are identified by ASIN. I added the the kindle edition accordingly here and changed the format of the edition with ISBN that you added to ebook.

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