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message 1: by Petra (new)

Petra Jacob | 1 comments I'm looking for someone to swap novels. I'm open to any genre, although I don't know much about romance. Happy to do a three chapter swap to start with to see how we get on. Let me know what time frame and level of input you want.

My book is soft science fiction, set in a sleepy English coastal town when aliens take over the world. But there are no spaceships or little green men, instead the aliens infiltrate everything and make sinister changes. Anyone who disobeys their rules of good behaviour is taken away and their personality altered.

Natasha and her dad are the main characters, trying to look after each other, but ending up on opposite sides in their battle for survival.

Content warning: swearing.

message 2: by Tony (new)

Tony Cartledge | 19 comments Hi Petra,

I'd be interested in a beta/critique swap, and a 3-chapter sample is fine. Mine is soft to medium sci-fi. Less tech-driven and more character-driven. Message me if you're interested.

Better Angels: In the year 2184 the new A.I is artificial no more, but based on the blending of multiple cloned neural networks to create a new individual. This innovation completely erases the boundaries between human and machine.

Despite their creation to be our partners in science and the humanities, there is fierce opposition to the Bionics' claim for membership in the human race. Their brilliant minds give rise to astonishing advances in science and technology, but also to a new and dangerous level of bigotry and hatred from a militant far right 'Human Purity' group.

Dr Peter Darvish is a field psychologist working with refugees but has become frustrated at his failure to make any significant difference in their lives. He meets a Bionic called Oscardion Freejoy, who affects him deeply. Despite his fantastical outward appearance, Oscar seems more human than anyone Peter has ever met, and Peter invests himself in their quest 100%.

But his new friends are being attacked and murdered, and now their aim is simple survival. They are forced to use questionable methods to secure their freedom, and it strains Peter's trust in them. And it soon becomes clear that the fight for their status as citizens will be long and bloody and, for Peter, it will redefine what it means to be human.

Plum Report (Kimberly) (plumreport) | 3 comments Hello,
Are you still interested in finding someone to swap chapters with? If so, I would be open to swapping a few chapter once a week.

Book title: Isoldesse, Book One in The Aevo Compendium Series
Word Count: ~60k as of right now - anticipating ~100k when completed (I'm working with another CP for the second half of my book)

It's a new adult (college age characters) contemporary science-fiction fantasy. I like to imagine my story as something the CW would air (I don't know if you have the CW TV channel over in England). Anywho, it's science-fiction because there are alien races involved, but they all pass as humanoid (think Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout as an example of aliens being able to pass as humans).


My main characters, Kenna and Meegan are weeks away from graduating college and get caught up in an extraterrestrial ongoing project (AKA the Aevo Compendium) in which the Sendarian people update certain world's evolutionary status. A charge left to them by their goddess, Isoldesse. It's Earth's turn to be observed and Kenna, Meegan, and their friends get selected to be taken for what the Sendarian's call the Aevo Compendium. But what the Sendarians don't know is that a Sendarian rebel group called the Athru are planning to sabotage the upcoming (Earth) Aevo Compendium. All while this is going on, Kenna receives a mysterious golden stone necklace that forces certain truths to surface.

There's one name that connects all the worlds and an impending ripple effect from over two millennia ago: Isoldesse

If you're interested in swapping a few chapters before deciding, let me know. I'm at

I do plan to self-publish this fall and would love some additional feedback from a few more CPs:)

Thank you
-Kimberly G.

message 4: by Anton (new)

Anton Anderson | 3 comments I can swap betas with you, 3 chapter tryout is fine.

My 116k high-fantasy isn't exactly your 90k, but if you're interested -- feel free to write me at, or we can exchange private messages here, or leave your e-mail.

Title: The Greatest Prize: White Bow-Knot
3rd person storytelling, multiple main characters.
No cliffhangers.
Medieval-like high fantasy with humanoids (like trolls/orcs/elves/whatever) instead of humans.
Battles, traveling, adventures along the way.
F-words and profanity, moderately descriptive sex scene (one scene, nothing close to erotica IMO).

Thank you for your time.

Plum Report (Kimberly) (plumreport) | 3 comments Hi,
Sorry for the delay in responding. I had to think about this for a bit. Because CPing is a long term investment for me and I'm not sure I'm fit to read profanity and descriptive sex scenes. There's a fine line of heated romance I can handle, hence my story being a NA age range but also readable for YA audiences. So I'm going to have to pass. Only because I don't want to provide information that wouldn't conform to your audience.

Best of luck, Kimberly G.

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