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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary Adult Romance from mid 1980s-mid 90s about Hatfield/McCoys type feuding families

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message 1: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn | 7 comments Here's what I remember:
-the book's feuding family theme was like the Hatfields and McCoys
-it's set in the US, southern, mountain state?
-It was a Harlequin type book but set in the US. I don't think it was Silhouette but may have been.
-Book opens with h is returning to area where H lived. h is a writer I think, wanting to write about the history of their feuding families
-As soon as she returns to H's town, one of the first people h runs into is the H, who she had . summer romance with a few years previously
-H has also been away from area working abroad as an engineer, H has returned to work on a dam or some other waterworks project

In flashbacks we learn that:
-h and H first met a few years ago when h was visiting her deceased (?) father's family as a teenager or young woman, she meets and falls in love with H, whose family has feuded for generations with h's father's family. They meet at a picnic I think.
-h was not raised in area where her father's family and H lives
-h has a cousin who is femme fatale and another cousin she is good friends with named Susan I think
-h's family tries to warn her from getting involved with H due to feud between H's and h's families
-the author explains the feud began in the Old World (maybe Scotland or Ireland)
-there is a river in the area that the feuding families live in, called something like the Chickamauga River
-H and h fall in love during her visit but then H seems to drop her/disappear and h returns to her home in another state

Back to present in book:
-h attempts to interview both families about history of feud
-H agrees to help h with research for her book/article, I think to ensure h is fair in depicting H's family
-h and H go to interview elderly family members in both families about a particularly bloody episode in feud between families
-Spoiler alert!!: when they interview elderly guy on H's side of family, we learn that elderly's guy's father killed his wife (elderly guy's mother) and her lover, Luke who was a member of h's family. Elderly guy was a little boy when this happened and never told anyone what really happened except his wife on her deathbed. At the time, both families blamed each other for the deaths of elderly's guys mother and Luke and a violent battle ensued in which the Chickamauga (?) River ran red with blood
-Spoiler Alert!!-somehow the h and H get married but the H doesn't trust the h and keeps checking up on her and returning home at random times of day. h eventually decides she can't live like this and decides to leave H. h's cousin Susan happens to stop by when h is packing/leaving. Susan has developed a vague eating disorder and seems shadow of young woman h knew when she first visited the area a few years ago. Susan begs h not to leave until Susan returns with Susan's husband because they have something they must tell h. Susan returns with her husband and at same time H returns home. H is shocked to learn h is planning to leave him. Susan and husband proceed to tell h that H did not abandon h all those years ago but had been beaten badly by Susan's husband and a few others. Femme fatale cousin and Susan had switched letter to H written by h with one written by cousins asking H to meet h at a certain location. (Susan has been wracked with guilt all these years about her part in separating h and H). H was then confronted by Susan's husband and other male members of h's family and beaten so badly he had to be hospitalized. This explains why H's sister has been cold to h, thinking h was in on plan to attack H all those years ago. h had no idea H had been badly hurt and H had no idea that h didn't know what happened to him. Once this is all revealed, h and H have their happy ending.

Thank you for any leads on identifying this book.

Amber (Daisymau) (daisymau) | 1038 comments A Country Christmas by Jackie weger?

message 3: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn | 7 comments Amber (Daisymau) wrote: "A Country Christmas by Jackie weger?"

Thank you for the suggestion! Unfortunately Country Christmas isn't the book I was thinking of but I really appreciate the suggestion.

Amber (Daisymau) (daisymau) | 1038 comments Do you remember what year it was published? Or even what year you read it? It would help narrow down what years to search.

message 5: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn | 7 comments Amber (Daisymau) wrote: "Do you remember what year it was published? Or even what year you read it? It would help narrow down what years to search."

Unfortunately I don't remember the year. It was probably between 1985-1988 but that's just a guess. Thanks for thinking about this question.

message 6: by Amber (Daisymau) (last edited Jan 28, 2020 08:05AM) (new)

Amber (Daisymau) (daisymau) | 1038 comments Thank you. That narrows it down. I'll see what I can find.

Amber (Daisymau) (daisymau) | 1038 comments One of these books?
King of the Hill by Emma Goldrick
Love Not The Enemy by Sara Jennings
Love Feud by Anne Lacey https://www.amazon.com/Love-Feud-Silh...
Midnight Blue by Nancy Landon
Boundary Lines by Nora Roberts
All The Possibilities by Nora Roberts
High Society by Lynda Trent

message 8: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn | 7 comments Thank you!! I think it's Love Feud by Anne Lacey. I've ordered it and will confirm once it arrives. I really appreciate your sleuthing skills!

Amber (Daisymau) (daisymau) | 1038 comments You're welcome. Hope it's the right book. Please come back and let us know if it's the right one.

message 10: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn | 7 comments Amber (Daisymau) wrote: "You're welcome. Hope it's the right book. Please come back and let us know if it's the right one."

Hi! Love Feud by Anne Lacey was the right book!! Thank you so much for figuring it out!

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