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J. Bliss | 111 comments Mod
Focus on a major or minor character from your anchor text.
Examine the characters language or interaction with other characters.
Include a quote with your examination.
Respond to two peers examination detailing your reaction to their analysis.

message 2: by Shaunae (new)

Shaunae | 20 comments The character that I chose to talk about is Chantal. Chantal became like a sister to Jasmine after her mother, Momma Anne, took Jasmine in for most of her teenage years.

Chantal is a very verbally explicit woman whose actions depict exactly how she is feeling at the moment. Concerning Jasmine, Chantal is VERY protective and will react without having to think. In the restaurant scene of chapter 21, author J. Bliss illustrates this after Drew reveals to Jasmine that he knows of the whereabouts of her mother and sister. "Her face is red and she could have steam streaming out of her ears with each word. 'You motherf*ckers knew her sister was in Georgia?'"(Bliss, 2018, p. 190-191). Chantal is not afraid to say the things that she feels need to be said. She then proceeds to throw her glass on the floor and asks Jasmine if she is okay, following with "I hate f*cking Georgia"(Bliss, 2018, p. 191).

In the continuation of the restaurant scene, Chantal destroys the bar out of rage. Chantal is reckless and behaves impulsively; the definition of anger management problems. "Chad escorts Chantal to the back I hear glass breaking as they pass the bar. She is screaming at the top of her lungs"(Bliss, 2018, p. 191). At the beginning of this novel, "Taking Chances", another example of Chantal's impulsiveness is depicted when Romel recalls, “I’m serious, Chad told me she was about to walk out because he posted bail. As the police escorted her, she spotted Amelia in transition and lost it”(Bliss, 2018, p. 6).

Although Chantal is impulsive, she is also able to recognize where she is wrong and take responsibility for her actions. She does not depend on anyone, similar to Jasmine (This makes me think about how they both probably grew up with the same self-dependant values). Bliss captures this when Chantal says, “Drew, I’ll take care of the damages, I was wrong for doing that.” Then she continues to address Chad by saying, “Chad, I make my own money. I don’t need you or anyone telling me I am not taking care of what I f*cked up. I’m a grown woman about my sh*t”(Bliss, 2018, p. 192).

In contrast, she can be very soft and girly when it comes to Chad, who she recently started to see. Jasmine expresses at the beginning of the restaurant scene, “I am in complete shock because Chantal is going with his every move...The biggest, girlish smile rises on her face and Chad takes control of her mouth”(Bliss, 2018, p. 186). The genuine surprise that Jasmine displays show me that Chantal rarely reveals to anyone that side of her, not even someone as close to her as Jasmine. I have concluded that Chantal is what one would call a “tough cookie”: physically and emotionally strong.

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Tyson D. | 16 comments Victoria is a fantastic character that serves as the comic relief, the devil on Jasmine's shoulder and a real voice of reason when she needs to be.

Jasmine, being the straight man of their duo, often finds herself smiling or playfully annoyed at the outrageous things that Victoria says and does. This does well to drive home just how comfortable they are with each other in almost every aspect of their lives. When Jasmine jumps up and down with laughter after Victoria says that she "...had Drew running out of [the hotel] like his d*ck had been dipped in Jesus Juice" readers see just how hilarious Victoria is and how funny Jasmine thinks she is (Bliss, 2018, eBook loc. 1909)

Of course, this also plays into their friendly relationship and Victoria wanting what's best for her friend. Victoria knows that Jasmine has hang ups over past relationships, but wants her to meet a nice guy that'll make her happy or just have a fun night out by any means. This is exemplified by Victoria pretty much telling Jasmine that she was going with her and Romel to a social event and "...[wouldn't] accept [a] no." Through her probing, she manages to convince Jasmine when she otherwise would have just stayed home.

Aside from her comedic actions, Victoria also manages to reel Jasmine back from the brink of anger when she tries. After Jasmine catches the dastardly Mrs. Byrd on top of her man, she's furious, but in the aftermath Victoria rationalizes that they "both reacted without [Jasmine] even hearing anything from Drew." (Bliss, 2018, eBook loc. 2388). Victoria knows how to tone herself down when she needs to, resulting in a layered character that sees when her friend is hurting. I love this aspect about her and how even though she contributed to the negativity in the moment, when she realizes that she was also wrong, she takes responsibility for it and tries to make Jasmine see that they were in the wrong.

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Tyson D. | 16 comments In response to Shaunae, I agree with your assessment of Chantal. Her anger and care for her "sister" is one of her more endearing aspects, especially since it contrasts greatly with Jasmine's calm self.

As far as both her and Jasmine being independent, I ca agree and add that Mama Ann probably raised them with a no-nonsense attitude that strengthened their characters.

And her relationship with Chad is certainly an interesting on that I would like to see explored more.

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Shaunae | 20 comments Tyson wrote: "Victoria is a fantastic character that serves as the comic relief, the devil on Jasmine's shoulder and a real voice of reason when she needs to be.

Jasmine, being the straight man of their duo, of..."

Tyson, I love the fact that I was automatically able to find the similarity between the characters that we chose. This similarity is the fact that they both act in the moment without having to hear an explanation when it comes to Jasmine's wellbeing and any other confrontation that she is involved in.

They also know when to calm down, be aware when they are in the wrong and take responsibility for their actions, which are great character traits to possess.

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