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Thinking Critically About Your Writing

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J. Bliss | 111 comments Mod
What debatable topic do you notice in reading your anchor text? Provide an unsupported opinion (Example noted in Literature Text Pg 46)

message 2: by Dillan (last edited Jan 28, 2020 06:00AM) (new)

Dillan | 17 comments In the novel, Perfect Imperfect Christmas, I notice that discrimination can be a debatable topic while reading this anchor text. As seen throughout the novel, Black people are not welcomed in Georgetown, Colorado, which is dominantly populated with white people. Being the racist humans that they are, they see black people as being second to none to their acquisitions, that are nowhere near comparable to the white society.

message 3: by Jaliyah (new)

Jaliyah Webster | 17 comments In Perfect, Imperfect Christmas by J Bliss I noticed that everybody is grieving.I think how people grieve differently from others can be a debatable topic. Reading the novel Angelica tends to be distance while she is grieving her mom’s death, while her siblings all stay close and grieve together. Also, Angelica’s brother Rashad was really big on family structure and felt a certain way when Angelica wasn’t around. The grieving process is different for everybody, some don’t like to be around others, while some love the energy of being around love ones to help them cope.

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Tyson D. | 16 comments In Taking Chances, I see that there are a few secrets being kept. Of course, I believe that keeping secrets, especially the kind that Drew keeps from Jasmine, is a bad thing and will eventually lead to alienation and distance between the both of them. This could also possibly lead to heartbreak from Jasmine as well knowing that he's kept things from her.

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Brittany Grant | 11 comments In Not By Chance, I noticed that everybody endures love differently in which can be debatable. Victoria encourages Jasmine not to be so hard on Drew and to enjoy the moment and have sex with him while on the other hand Jasmine is trying to let things take it's course although she is extremely attracted to Drew. Before meeting Jasmine , Drew also had a negative towards love ,which also was his reason for switch out females. However, his best friend Romel respected love being that he tried to motivate Drew to settle down and find one life versus entertaining multiple women.

message 6: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Ferguson | 13 comments In Perfect Imperfect Christmas, there are many debatable topics. Hesitation plays a significant role in this text. When Nicholas and Angelica first meet, the way Nic looks at Angelica reveals it all. Angelica is hesitant about talking to Nicholas because she witnessed her ex-fiance get married on Christmas Day, and she's missing the presence of her mom. On the other hand, Nicholas isn't up for it because he is mourning the loss of his wife as well as momma Liz. Nicholas felt as though he'd be betraying his son if he took his shot with Angelica.

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Shaunae | 20 comments In the novel, "Taking Chances", by J. Bliss, a debatable topic that stands out to me is that every successful man is arrogant and cocky. This is debatable because it can be argued that every successful man is NOT arrogant or cocky. Also, because of the mere fact that Drew depicts both of these character traits in the novel, in addition to being successful, this generalized conclusion cannot be made about all successful men; seeing that all successful men are not the same.

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Amber | 16 comments In the romance novel "Not by Chance", by J. Bliss, a topic that can be debated could be the immediate connection between Drew and Jasmine. I feel that a debate about love at first sight and if that can be believed. Could the connection be fate or just lust?

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Tyson D. | 16 comments In response to Amber, that would be an interesting topic, maybe pulling from some real life experiences from people or other stories where it may have worked out or went terribly.

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Braxton | 12 comments In Chapter 1 Drew questions why Romel is sold upon affection and states that not everyone is looking for a wife . This text is debatable as it describes the need for marriage and monogamy in today’s society. Drew is strongly opposed to dating exclusively while Romel is content in his relationship. It can be argued that monogamy and successful intimate relationships lead to a happier life.

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Braxton | 12 comments In response to Brittany, I agree. The fact the Victoria is so happy in her relationship it is easy for her to encourage her friend to step out on faith and date Drew.

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Jamila | 16 comments In the story, Not By Chance, I find the characters Victoria and Romel’s relationship debatable. In this novel, two college students have been aspiring a long term monogamous relationship. I feel their relationship is portrayed as a fantasy. Most college students aren’t focused on being monogamous, more so for the moment adventures instead.

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Sontez Williams | 16 comments In Perfect Imperfect Christmas a debatable topic about relationships. The reason I say relationship is because Nicholas is checking Angelica out, but don’t want Paul to know. Paul understands just mom is gone, he gonna be leaving for college soon, and his dad is looking for new love. Nic is trying to make Paul think early on in the story that he’s not thinking about Angelica, but Paul caught him checking her out.

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Mckenzie Manigault | 11 comments In the novel "Not By Chance" there are many debatable topics to chose from . One debatable topic I noticed is when Drew mentions to Romel the relationship he has between his parents Romel says he doesn't understand and can't see why there relationship is like this . As we know parents only act a certain way in front of company only the child can really see how there parents act towards them simply because they've been around them long enough .

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Anwar Jennings | 8 comments In the romance novel Not by chance, one aspect of the story that I find debatable is the fact that Drew's Secretary, Ms. Cynthia always checks up on him when it's not needed and sometimes asks personal questions. Now, could this mean that she is "mothering" him or is she just "nosey?"

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Anwar Jennings | 8 comments Mckenzie wrote: "In the novel "Not By Chance" there are many debatable topics to chose from . One debatable topic I noticed is when Drew mentions to Romel the relationship he has between his parents Romel says he d..."

Mckenzie, I totally agree. On the other hand, I'm sure Romel sees how Drew's father treats him. The fact he actually said that he wishes that Romel was his son says a lot about him and Drew's relationship.

message 17: by Angel (new)

Angel Cabasag | 17 comments In Not By Chance I find that the topic of "you do as you were taught" is debatable. Drew nver really felt secured or protected in growing up, but he uses that to make sure he never lets Jasmine feel this way when she's around him. This is seen numerous times like at the banquet, he puts her on an inside seat, when they go out for lunch together and the ex pulls a knife he meets the ex with a gun, and when she feels emotionally volnerable around him, he'll pull her into his arms.

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Angel Cabasag | 17 comments In resonse to Amber's post, the topic of love at first sight is always debated. One thing that I was taught was that it doesn't exist. Love takes time and patience. What you feel at first is infatuation which will go away after time if not nursed in a relationship. Having met my husband I can tell people that I had the feeling of
"love at first sight" but again we can argue that I didnt really love him to the fullest until after a couple of years being engaged.

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