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UNSOLVED: One specific book > A romantic book in which the protagonist returns home for a relative's wedding and the car wheel is pricked near her city but she does not have a spare wheel and they send someone to look for her and who appears is the secret love of her childhood.

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Suaz | 2 comments I can't remember anymore

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Suaz | 2 comments I think I remember that the scene unfolds in this way, she goes by car from a big city to her hometown (I think so) and the car wheel is punctured and since she doesn't have another spare, she calls her family to warn them of the problem. While she waits for her to be picked up she falls asleep inside the car and wakes her in the window, when she looks she meets her brother's best friend (I think) that he is a famous sportsman or something and I think I remember that his name is Cole .

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