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message 1: by Ina (new)

Ina | 5 comments I need some recs for 2020 in LGBTQ+ Books
I just want to see more people like me in Books:)
I'm thankfull for every book rec

message 2: by oshizu, Challenges (new)

oshizu | 5411 comments Ina, I've moved your thread back to the Group Discussions folder.

message 3: by Marcy (new)

Marcy | 6 comments I'm not sure what kind of books exactly you're looking for, but here are some of my favorite LGBT+ books! :)

Dreadnought - I just finished reading its sequel, and it's a wonderful little series. It's a superhero book about a lesbian trans girl, Danny, who gets the powers of the world's greatest hero after witnessing his death, and must learn to control them to fight the supervillain who killed him. [TW for transphobia and abusive parents]

Red, White & Royal Blue - A rivals-to-friends-to-friends with benefits-to-lovers story between Alex, the son of the US's first female president, and Henry, the Prince of England. There's also a lot of rep with the background characters. [TW for drug addiction and sexual assault, both happen before the story and are discussed throughout it]

I Wish You All the Best - Ben De Backer comes out to their parents as non-binary and is kicked out, forcing them to move in with their estranged sister and her husband. They try to keep a low profile at school, but that's challenged when they meet Nathan Allen, who's determined to form a friendship with the new kid. [TW for abusive parents, transphobia, misgendering and mental health issues]

George - A trans girl wants to play Charlotte in her school's performance of Charlotte's Web, but is shot down constantly because people think she's a boy. So she and her best friend make a plan to get her on stage as Charlotte so the whole school will know she's a girl. [TW for misgendering from the characters and deadnaming from both the characters and the narration until the last chapter or so]

message 4: by Ina (new)

Ina | 5 comments thank you alot<3 you helped me with some great reading material

message 5: by Ilona, Global Moderator (new)

Ilona | 4096 comments I really enjoyed the book Red, White & Royal Blue that Marcy suggested, and would also recommend Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

message 6: by Ina (new)

Ina | 5 comments thank you<3

message 7: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (book_music_lvr) | 1758 comments Just finished The Sunday Lunch Club and loved it, as did 4 of my 5 book club members! It has several LGBTQ+ characters, included in a rather large family and I thought it was an excellent read!

message 8: by Ina (new)

Ina | 5 comments thank you i def will check it out

message 9: by Ilona, Global Moderator (new)

Ilona | 4096 comments I forgot to mention Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and Leah on the Offbeat in my previous post. Both are by Becky Albertalli. And if you like sci-fi, I would recommend everything by Becky Chambers. Not the standard YA LGBTQ+ books, but great in its own way. :)

message 10: by Ina (new)

Ina | 5 comments thank you so much

message 11: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (book_music_lvr) | 1758 comments Ilona wrote: "I forgot to mention Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and Leah on the Offbeat in my previous post. Both are by Becky Albertalli. And if you like sci..."

I second all this! Have yet to read Leah on the Offbeat although I purchased it immediately after finishing Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda!

message 12: by Emma (new)

Emma | 64 comments They Both Die at the End: “ This is a story about a gay Puerto Rican boy who falls in love with a bisexual Cuban boy. It's also about falling in love with life and realizing that life is always worth living, even when there isn't much of it left.”

Montague Siblings Series:
-The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue: The main character ‘Monty’ is bisexual and is in love with his best friend Percy.
-The Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy: The main character is an asexual female.

message 13: by David (new)

David | 6 comments Carry on- by rainbow Rowell is an amazing fantasy book with a gay sub plot. I would describe it as gay Harry Potter so I hope it is right up your alley.

Symptoms of being human - is about this non gender typical person writing blogrs about her life and gives advice it is an amazing read.

message 14: by David (new)

David | 6 comments Also what if it is us- is a really cute love story between Ben and Arthur. It take solace in New York City. And it makes many musicals references. I read it over the summer in between reading summer reading books, that I could not get into.

Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods* (marcthedarc) | 637 comments I second Becky Chambers.

Here are some other recent fantasy and sci-fi titles that I enjoyed that at least include positivity:

The Last Sun by K.D. Edwards: Atlanteans are described as fluid in their sexuality but the characters and relationships featured here are predominantly male-male. TW: group rape/torture in one character's history. I am reading the sequel The Hanged Man right now.

A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe and it's sequel (third book due out in 2020) by Alex White, features a female-female romance and some instances of non-binariness and pronoun inclusivity. The author is, I think, non-binary.

Foundryside: a (view spoiler) romance starts to develop and will probably get more air time in the sequel coming out this April, Shorefall.

message 16: by Sasha (new)

Sasha (lostinfics) | 33 comments I thinkCarry On by Rainbow Rowell is really amazing. It's not only a love story but also a fantasy.

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