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Sophia Hardy-Weinberg | 18 comments Hi everyone. I'm looking for a ebook I read a few years ago. As usual, I don't remember most of the plot but I'll be as accurate as possible.

- It's an Harlequin/ Mills & Boon (could be a Silhouette) Contemporary Romance published between the 2000 and 2019 period.

- I believe it may be from the Medical Romance, or Harlequin Romance, or Special Edition line.

- Hero is not the tycoon-harlequin presents-ogre type. I think he's more like a soft alpha.

- Heroine is pregnant during the greater part of the storyline and her pregnancy is the major plot point in the book.

- Can't remember if they were friends that became lovers, co-workers, or completely strangers to each other at the beginning of the narrative. Anyway, they go a long time without having sex with each other.

- Not sure if she's a surrogate or if conception occurred through IVF. Could be a one night stand though.

- I guess he lost his wife and child in the past. Or maybe it was she who's a widow.

- At some point, the H goes to live with the h.

- I remember a very specific scene by the last third of the novel, when they finally go to bed. She's heavily pregnant and likely very close to her due date, which is some kind of turn-on for the H. Near dawn, he wakes up felling her belly harden against his palm and infers that the h is having contractions.

- I also remember that in the next scene the h seeks some pain relief in a bathtub before going into labor.

That’s all I remember. Thanks in advance for any tips or inputs.

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Sophia Hardy-Weinberg | 18 comments It's The Baby of Their Dreams by Carol Marinelli.

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