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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
Once upon a midnight dreary,
An old man pondered, weak and weary
Over a genius idea that he could not quite ignore
Led on by visions conjured
The wise man began to wonder
If perhaps the future he had glimpsed
And so, he did exolore
Knowing in his marrow
That a great place known as Farrow
Would rise up like a phoenix
And be haunted evermoore

And who am I? Just as Elizabeth is royalty among mortals, I am royalty among the dead. Am I really dead? That's your guess, but I flit around from room to room without anyone's notice, and through my invisibility, I bring to light the school's most delicious scandals.

Think you're immune?
Not a chance.

Remember darlings, I'm always haunting you
Love always,
The Ghost

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
Well hello darlings,

I hear we have a funeral to go to. Oh dear. Looks like the mirror crack'd from side to side for our Lady of Shallott. What a disappointment; having been locked up all these years, I would have expected a rescue from a handsome prince, not the handsome prince to give report of my death.

So why did you do it, D? Because I'm not too inclined to believe that a girl like you would make a pass at your sister's boyfriend. You always seemed so sweet. Then again, looks can be deceiving, as we all know far too well. So did his rejection really drive you to insanity, or was it the constant isolation that finally made you snap? Theory number three says you died at someone else's hand. Think of it, if D really did hang herself, how do you explain the blood? And the bulging eye? That's more indicative of suffocation. The position of her neck? Doesn't it look suspiciously like it was snapped beforehand? But don't ask me, I'm not CSI. Still, while we are on the subject, why don't we talk suspects? My pick is L. He was the last one we know definitely saw her alive, after all. And haven't you noticed the tension between him and Liza lately? What could sweet little Lucas possibly have done to invole Elizabeth's wrath? Commit a murder, perhaps?

Remember, my darlings, I am always haunting you
Love always,
The Ghost

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
What is that you're picking there?
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.
Then are you going to Scarborough Fair?


S certainly can't; she'll be far too busy attending to the guests of the intimate little soirée she's throwing on Friday night. And E can't either, because she'll be attending. But will Farrow's legendary smuggler make an appearance? Only time will tell. As for your hopes of getting an invite, I'm going to have to crush them. If you haven't been vetted, you're not coming within a mile of that party. Me, on the other hand? I always find a way.

Now, what's this I see? Does Liza have a new friend? It seems she does, and there's something mysterious about her. With her flowing locks, hatred for trousers and vocabulary of obsolescent words, she looks like she's just fallen off the page of a Grimm's fairytale. Fawn, my dear, I think I'm going to like you a lot. Mimi, on the other hand, hasn't taken well to you at all. It's a rare gem who finds the courage to stand up to Princess. That certainly was an interesting conversation you two had. Who was it you were so very desperate to resume a conversation with? Who is it we always see you texting? And what is the significance of the ring you never remove? My theory: a secret fiancé. Maybe even fiancée.

I've got my eye on you, Fawn. And Mimi, don't think you escaped notice either. The teachers might think you're God's gift to Earth but I know exactly what you are. Remember darlings, I see everything.

I see you, S, sneaking off into the woods to buy alcohol; I see you, Aura, pouring your heart and soul into that song in the woods where you know no-one will hear you if you miss a note because the idea of imperfection terrifies you. And I see you, Liza, drifting further from the boyfriend we all swore you'd marry and have with every new day. So what is it, E? Have you just outgrown him...or do you know something we don't?

Remember, darlings, I am always haunting you
Love always,
The Ghost

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