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Sean Peters | 9523 comments Mod
Regarded by many, including myself as one of the best leading and supporting actors.

A great star of the 30's, 40,s , 50's and 60's.

December 12, 1893 in Bucharest, Romania

Died: January 26, 1973 (age 79) in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

In films from 1916 to 1973.

Prideful, nasty and violent characters involved in the underworld.
Unconventional, almost catfish-like mug.
His short, squat frame.

Died two weeks after he had finished filming Soylent Green (1973).

Although best known for playing fierce, shady little men, Robinson was well liked by almost everyone off-screen, having been a sensitive, quiet, artistic type when not performing.

Was named #24 greatest actor on The 50 Greatest Screen Legends by the American Film Institute

Spoke seven other languages besides English, including Yiddish, Romanian and German.

When he died in 1973, he left an estate valued at $2,500,000 which largely consisted of rare works of art.

Robinson suffered a heart attack while filming Sammy Going South (1963) in Africa,.

He was originally offered the role of Little Bonaparte in Some Like It Hot (1959), but Robinson had vowed never again to work with George Raft, with whom he had a fist fight on the set of Manpower (1941) when for a scene Raft spun him around too hard. (Despite the avowal, Robinson did co-star with Raft in A Bullet for Joey (1955)) However, the role of Johnny Paradise, the kid homaging Raft's "cheap trick" of coin-flipping, is also the man with the Tommy gun in the birthday cake who mows down Spats and his gang.

He was a great art lover, especially paintings. Robert Wagner, who knew him very well, revealed that Robinson bought a Cézanne painting which did not fit with his living room. So, he first changed the mantel of the living room, then the wall paper of the living room, then the furniture around the painting. But it did not make it. So he finally chose another apartment for the Cézanne painting.

[on Humphrey Bogart] I always felt sorry for him--sorry that he had imposed upon himself the character with which he had become identified.

Soylent Green
The Cincinnati kid
Double Indemnity
Little Caesar

To name a few....

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Aditya | 824 comments Double Indemnity is better than everything else he starred in and playing against type it was also his best performance.

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