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Ending to Stereotypic?
Anna Henderson Anna Jan 26, 2020 04:56AM
I really loved this book but one thing that did bother me was the ending. I feel like the end was a reverse stereotype. I mean Kahlen was a siren but Akinli was dying without her voice and she without his. They were both being poisoned by each others voice. It just seemed kinda stereotypic. Let me know!

It was a little, but I loved it anyway!! I finished this book within hours, and it was all amazing. Except, I found the ocean a little creepy. :(

I found the ocean very comforting. it sure as hell was creepy yet, it had something comforting, in a way, it was kind of motherly, I mean at least towards Kahlen.

Yes exactly. Plus the writing style of the author was in itself very calming.

Crystal I agree with you in that the ocean was really creepy but comforting. I liked how she would comfort Kahlin.

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