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The Dream Catcher (Rebecca Bauer Hotel Mystery) (Volume 4)
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message 1: by Julia (new)

Julia Rohatyn | 1 comments The Dream Catcher by Julia Rohatyn - The solution to a crime does not always follow a straight line. When Rebecca Bauer visits a friend's country inn, she walks into a murder. The key to getting her pal out of jail lies in a two-hundred-year-old unsolved homicide and the secrets that are found in ancient American Indian lore.

Rebecca's adventures, as the city hotel manager who must deal with the deep Maine woods, are whimsical, the characters are three dimensional, and the plot will lead to an unexpected ending.

The research on this book led me to surprising discoveries about the people who lived for thousands of years in the very same places where I grew up.

I published the book days before I suffered a pulmonary embolism and I never gave it the promotion that it deserves.

message 2: by Sadie (new)

Sadie Beckenridge (cvhann04) | 15 comments If you have a copy in PDF format I would love to read it and review it. Please send to

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