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message 1: by Farheen (new)

Farheen | 17 comments Hello everyone, I am farheen! currently living my dream of becoming an author, I wanted to know something very important and any kind of help will be highly appreciated!

the main character of my novel is deaf not exactly deaf he can get what people around him are discussing about in fact he can read minds as well but it's just that he cannot speak, there is a backstory behind this!

I know dialogues are key points for the novels to stand alone but my story demands less dialogues, can I proceed further with it or I'll have to additional dialogues because it's cumpulsion!

will be happy if someone can help! happy writing everyone

message 2: by Tito (new)

Tito Athano (bobspringett) | 144 comments Hi Farheen,

Good, crisp dialogue is usually how characters display themselves in this "show, don't tell" age. But you can get away with minimal dialogue if you plan cleverly and work economically. From memory, in "The Stand" by Steven King, one of his main characters is a deaf-mute and King manages this largely by adopting the deaf-mute's first-person PoV so we can know what he is thinking, while the other characters do the talking.

Other important points are sentence structure, spelling and punctuation. Now go back and revise your initial post (LOL). The way you have written it makes you sound much too eager!

All the best!

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