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Sd5478 | 5 comments 35K completed novella/Drama Romance (L)GBTQ/
*meant for all genres*

This is a drama romance based in Jakestown where music management mogul Drek Nelson is the owner of D.N. Enterprises. If you knew everything about her childhood you’d never imagine that she’d aspire to be this successful. But, she’s worked so hard to prove that she’s better than her environment. She’s used to having different women because of her lifestyle she really hasn’t given love a chance. She has a woman in her life, her best friend that she trusts with everything. But, she never wanted to settle down until one day, she thought she saw the woman of her dreams. But, what’s love without trust?

*The storyline’s underlying meaning has to do with self esteem, spirituality, and knowing about change in yourself. *

*I need a beta reader who will give me honest feedback. Some editing has already been done
but I’m looking for additional comments and editing. I would want to see if the beta reader could point out the underlying points in the story as well as giving there opinion and feedback.*

Your help is appreciated
Thanks in Advance

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Iami Menotu | 6 comments I would like to beta read it. You may send it to my email:

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Solace Nightshade (solcacenightshade) | 16 comments I would be interested. my email is

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