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message 1: by Weslyn (new)

Weslyn (fleshcladmonster) | 89 comments *Title - The Vegan Bodybuilder’s Cookbook: Essential Recipes and Meal app and for Plant-Based Bodybuilding

*Author - Samantha Shirley & Amy Longard

*ISBN - 978-1-64611-105-3

*Publisher - Rockbridge Press

*Publication Date - February 18, 2020

*Format - Paperback

*Description - Plant power for vegan bodybuilders―the essential cookbook
When it comes to gaining muscle, protein is king in the nutrient world, but you don’t have to be a carnivore to get “swole.” Plants contain the nutrients needed to support your bodybuilding efforts. The Vegan Bodybuilder’s Cookbook is your comprehensive guide to keep you on track towards shredded success.
Learn to complement your training regimen with a plant-based diet featuring 102 delicious recipes, nutritional guidance, and meal plans. With the knowledge presented in this book, you will be on the way to achieving your bodybuilding goals and gaining enormous health benefits.
The Vegan Bodybuilder’s Cookbook includes:
* Powerful options―Take your pick from one of the three one-week meal plans, each designed to help you reach the pinnacle of your bodybuilding program.
* The healthy goods―From shopping lists and dietary information to meal prep advice, this book is jacked with everything you need to succeed in bodybuilding.
* Facts, facts, facts―Did you know 1 cup of almonds has the same amount of protein as 1 cup of chicken? This book is loaded with important information.
If you’re looking for a vegan cookbook that supports bodybuilding, look no further than this one.

*Page Count - 204

*Link to book

The Vegan Bodybuilder's Cookbook: Essential Recipes and Meal Plans for Plant-Based Bodybuilding

message 2: by Dobby (new)

Dobby (dobby0390) | 3659 comments Working on it ...

message 3: by Weslyn (new)

Weslyn (fleshcladmonster) | 89 comments Thank you. 😊 I think I accidentally posted this twice though. That’s my fault. I thought I only posted one book last night. 😅

message 4: by Dobby (last edited Jan 25, 2020 07:47PM) (new)

Dobby (dobby0390) | 3659 comments I have those forehead-thwacking moments myself. 😄 You can delete the duplicate request if it hasn't been addressed yet.

There was an incomplete record for the paperback edition, so I added all the pertinent details. I also added the Kindle edition. Cover images are from Amazon.

● Paperback, ISBN 9781646111053: The Vegan Bodybuilder's Cookbook

● Kindle, ASIN B083XC7DW6: The Vegan Bodybuilder's Cookbook

Thanks for the information, and especially for the Amazon link. That made adding these editions a piece of cake. (Uh oh. I see "Cookbook" and I think "cake.")

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