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Chuck Stevenson | 2 comments Hi everyone, I would truly appreciate a beta read for my first completed novel, Consider the Stick Figure.

This story is about a road trip across the US. It is equal parts science fiction, humor, and coming of age, which all spiral together and hopefully create something special. I think of it as a cross between The Catcher in the Rye and Slaughterhouse Five.

The story is told from the perspective of Peter, a misguided young man recently dropped (or forced) out of medical school, and a bizarre adventure across the country that he just can't resist. As he seeks to regain his grip on reality, others in his party reveal to him that maybe there is more to "all of this" than he thought. Peter tells the reader early on that he is suffering from mental illness, and he is not the most reliable narrator.

Joined by physics Ph.D. candidates Allie (his old crush) and David (his old nemesis), Peter attempts to ferry Allie across the country and prove her inter-dimensional theory to the world. (She claims to be from another dimension and will prove it once they get to Stanford.) Peter's perspective provides a vehicle for insights and hopefully both deep and humorous asides throughout their journey. Poems and imaginary stand up routines frequently interrupt the story. Peter clearly has a lot of growing up to do.

Unfortunately, Allie's violation of the inter-dimensional order has raised the suspicion of beings that monitor for this sort of thing, and their encounters lead to a climax that turns the whole plot on its head.

Consider the stick figure drawn on a piece of paper- in front of him we draw a house but all he sees is a line. Our three dimensional existence beyond his page is unfathomable. Do you ever wonder who looks at us and takes the same pity for our lack of perspective?

I would be humbled if someone gave it a read. Thank you for considering!

message 2: by Chuck (new)

Chuck Stevenson | 2 comments Sent! Thanks!!

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