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Breaking Silence (Kate Burkholder, #3)
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January 2020: Thriller > (Poll Ballot Tally) Breaking Silence by Linda Castillo - 4 stars

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annapi | 5069 comments I mistakenly read this book out of order, confusing books 2 and 3, but I think it won't affect my enjoyment of any of them. As with most of this type of series, each book's story stands on its own, I believe.

Regardless, I liked this one better than the first. Police Chief Kate Burkholder investigates a series of hate crimes against the Amish, and in an apparent escalation of the violence, the parents and uncle of four children are killed when they fall into their farm's manure pit. The neighboring county's sheriff calls Agent John Tomasetti to help.

I almost guessed whodunnit but got sidetracked from my first guess by a red herring, and when my original guess panned out it was much worse than I had expected. Castillo's imagination is a dark one, and although I'd read other thrillers with this trope before, this one was handled much more deftly than I'd ever come across. I will definitely be continuing with this series.

Rachel N. | 1531 comments I plan on reading this one soon. I somehow read book 4 first but since then have backtracked to read the series in order. Glad you're enjoying them.

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Susie | 4488 comments I'm glad this one is just as good. I'll definitely be making my way through the series.

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