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Suggest books for me > about a heroine who investigates using her clairvoyant talents

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message 1: by itsjustChloe (new)

itsjustChloe | 3 comments looking for heroine who uses sixth sense talent(s) to solve dilemas. but Not professionally, like crime solving. It was not a big name author.

-This one book that I can't remember the 'name of that book', she did not do the work professionally, but was just running into these 'dilemas' that needed her 6th sense. So she would go around and add her two cents into the conversation and the people were lead in the right direction. Meanwhile she was solving a bigger mystery, but I cant remember why she was involved in the bigger mystery. It was very subtle, so she never got credit. Period was modern (60-80's maybe?).

similiar clairvoyant book suggestions welcome!

message 2: by Cycad (new)

Cycad | 109 comments I don't know about your book, but try The Clairvoyant Countess and its sequel by Dorothy Gilman.

message 3: by itsjustChloe (new)

itsjustChloe | 3 comments thank you. i love a series!

message 4: by Gillian (new)

Gillian | 241 comments I think this might be in the wrong thread. It sounds like you're looking for a specific book more than you're looking for book recommendations.

message 5: by itsjustChloe (last edited Jan 27, 2020 03:47PM) (new)

itsjustChloe | 3 comments Gillian: read paragraph 2

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