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I’m losing my mind to find this book

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message 1: by Rorie (new)

Rorie | 2 comments Hi! The book that I can’t remember the title of is about a lioness who is a part of a supernatural agency and she is put on a new case where someone is robbing graves of their bodies. She mets this human detective and they kick it off. I know one scene where they went to this fertility clinic and have to question the doctor there. I know the author has many other books involving the specific supernatural agency like a romance between a snake shifter and a bunny? This is killing me that I can’t remember so any help is greatly appreciated!

message 2: by Maria (new)

Maria (msmata) | 2 comments Are you talking about this books?


message 3: by Rorie (new)

Rorie | 2 comments Yes you are a godsend thank you so much!! I guess the author took them off Wattpad or something so thanks again!!!

message 4: by Maria (new)

Maria (msmata) | 2 comments You’re welcome. They’re really good. I read one of them while they were still up on Wattpad

message 5: by Silver (new)

Silver | 1 comments there is this book I read before about a girl who is really close to her older brother and friends. She got raped at a party before. A bad boy becomes clos to her and later they fall in love. I can't remember the book's name. Does anybody know it??

message 6: by Cozen (new)

Cozen | 24 comments Silver wrote: "there is this book I read before about a girl who is really close to her older brother and friends. She got raped at a party before. A bad boy becomes clos to her and later they fall in love. I can..."

Not that I read a book like this, but I do recall a few book synopsis that may be the book your looking for. A more descriptive account here would help, like was she in high school? College or after high school? When did you come across this book? A year or two ago? Or a decade? Those things would help.

message 7: by Jasmynn (new)

Jasmynn | 2 comments Silver I think the book you’re talking about is Silently Falling

message 8: by Jasmynn (new)

Jasmynn | 2 comments Hi i’m also having trouble finding this book. I sorta know what happens in it, there’s a main guy and girl and the guy does some drag racing and is a really good racer. he races his enemy and loses on purpose just so he can double the prize money and win. the main girl also kindve gets assaulted in the toilets. this is annoying the hell out of m and i need to find it lol

message 9: by Aadilah (last edited Jan 19, 2021 04:04PM) (new)

Aadilah Ali | 6 comments Cozen wrote: "Silver wrote: "there is this book I read before about a girl who is really close to her older brother and friends. She got raped at a party before. A bad boy becomes clos to her and later they fall..."

The book's name is “Silently Falling”

message 10: by Aadilah (last edited Jan 19, 2021 04:05PM) (new)

Aadilah Ali | 6 comments Jasmynn wrote: "Hi i’m also having trouble finding this book. I sorta know what happens in it, there’s a main guy and girl and the guy does some drag racing and is a really good racer. he races his enemy and loses..."

You're looking for the “With Me” series. (“She’s With Me”, “Stay With Me” and “Still With Me”.)

message 11: by Jean (new)

Jean | 2 comments Helllooo. So I’ve DESPERATELY been trying to find this book that got lost amongst all the other stories in my library. This usually happens when the author doesn’t update for quite some time :( I do remember some of the plot and actually what the author had casted for the main character in the story. Obviously I don’t know whether the author had changed the cast or even the title. So I’m pretty sure the title was something like ‘Timeless’ and the main character she casted was Alisha Boe - Jessica off 13 reasons why. So the plot that I remember is that main character and her family (she has a twin.. I think) go to Transylvania??? for a holiday or something. They stay at this Castle for some reason and all the staff who work there act really weird around her. 2 Prince’s live in the castle. Anyway girl finds out that she is a reincarnation of the prince’s lover back in the day. THAT IS ALL I REMEMBER lol. Pleeeease help me find it. It’s actually a really good book. I just lost it because author wasn’t updating and it got list in my library (I’ve got many books and I can’t be bothered going through all of them 😅)

message 12: by Yui (new)

Yui | 1 comments I've been trying to find this book about a teenage girl(i don't remember her name) who gets abused at home and is treated by her neighbor who is a doctor. But eventually, she runs away and ends up being adopted by a gang leader with the last name of White (I think). while she is a genius she has the habits of a young child. she ends up meeting three brothers because one of the triplets accidentally prank her trying to pull a prank on one of his brothers and all four end up friends and one potentially a love interest. that's all I can remember and its been killing me for a while because I can't find it. Please Help!!!

message 13: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Arroyo | 1 comments I've been thinking about a story i read a while ago but can't seem to find it in my library. Its part of a 2 book series. The story starts off with a girl who goes to the club with her best friend and after witnessing a murder, gets kidnapped by a gang leader. When he learns that she has a few talents (i remember one being ballet) and that she was extremely smart, he ask her to help bring down other gangs. They end up falling in love and she almost gets killed by his biggest enemy. The second book starts off with her surviving the attack, only for her to find out she is pregnant. I remember her having this rare thing where her baby grows behind something, i forgot what it was called but i know its not deadly. Can someone please help me find this because it's been driving me crazy

message 14: by Belle (new)

Belle | 1 comments The book is a M/M shifter romance. One of the guys moves to a new school in the wolf shifter's territory (I think), and one of the wolf shifters realises that he is his mate. But the new guy is a psychopath/sociopath and doesn't have any feelings so he doesn't feel the mate bond and is also very manipulative. He gets along with the shifter's sister since she's also mildly psycho/sociopathic but hides it well. They find out he's a cat shifter when he gets hurt and his mother (also psycho/sociopathic) bites him so he'll turn and will heal faster. Before he was born his mother was kidnapped and experimented on, but when she got pregnant she managed to escape, but his shifter genes were somehow supressed so he didn't know that he was a shifter or that they existed. After he turns he gets his feelings back and feels the mate bond. I can't remember who it's by or what it's called so if you recognise this please help!

message 15: by Mariam (new)

Mariam (dragons123) | 1 comments I was in the middle of reading this book when my wattpad crashed and it didnt save my book in my library and I cannot remember the title. Ive only read the first like 5 chapters so i dont know the whole plot but this is what i know so far:

a bride is given to a lord as a gift from the king. the girls name i dont remember i just know it was with an R and kind of like Rheia ( but in some fancy spelling). her maid's name was eleanor. she was gifted with so many things at the beginning from all the dukes and kings after her wedding and her husband (the lord) gave her a chance to see her father and brother and also paid for the best physician to help her brother as he is sick. Another scene i remember is that she walks in the garden with the king and he seems very nice and said he knew her and her family before. then eleanor warns her not to tell her husband that she spoke to the king.

Please let me know if you happen to know what im taking about, i was really lining the book but im soo bummed that i cant finish it.

message 16: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2 comments Okay, I am trying to find this book that I read a while ago and the details are a little fuzzy. This girl is forced to live or marry her sister's husband. I think the sister either died or ran off. The sister had a baby, that's name is Oliver and now the girl is taking care of him. The husband doesn't like that his son is calling her mom, etc. He is a CEO? And Oliver calls one of his little friends "barbie". The sister was actually really bitch and, she comes back. It is driving me insane. Does anyone know about the book I'm talking about?

message 17: by Mini (new)

Mini Bacc | 6 comments Wattpaders! I need your help. I'm finding a book about this girl who was heartbroken because the guy she loved left her. I remember she have some guy friends who are really close to her and they protect her from Him(the guy who left Her) when He came back.
One of her friends has an apple farm, his name starts with letter B, I'm not sure if it was Brian or Bryce. Another guy friend likes her. I think there is a guy friend whose name is Ian, and then another guy I don't remember the name. She has a big sister, I think her name was Alex, but I'm not really sure. They don't have parents anymore.
When she was little, her father made a tree house(?) or maybe inside the tree, it was like her castle and she was the princess.
I remember a scene where one of her friend was brokenhearted and he went to her house and then she sang 'The Three Bear song' to comfort him.
Oh! I also remember that girl was sick

message 18: by Mini (new)

Mini Bacc | 6 comments the main character guy was like a gangster or a mafia and he left her for her safety (?)
I don't remember the title and author but I still remember some scenes in the story. I hope someone also had read this story. Thank you in advance ♡

message 19: by Kaori (new)

Kaori | 2 comments Hello I need help finding a name of a book on wattpad from somewhere around 2015/2016. Basically the book was about the girl whose parent were murdered when she was young and she was sent to live with her abusive aunt. Years after she lives in like a hospital and she went to go live with her doctor his wife and son who was a football player, in the beginning she’s mute and has major ptsd. Later on she falls in love with the son. I do remember one chapter at the end where she goes to one of his football games. And the cover was Barbara palvin

message 20: by Kaitlin (new)

Kaitlin | 2 comments Hi, I need help trying to find a book I read a while ago but didn’t get to finish. I can’t remember the title or the authors name. It’s about a girl (I can’t remember her name) that works for Poseidon as (I think) an assistant. Her mother left her with a human man who could have been her father, but she later finds out her father is the titan Helios. She starts dating Hades after meeting him and I believe he has a boxing gym or something like that. Her boyfriend also cheated on her (with a family member or best friend?) and she can light up like a supernova. She might be a dancer, which relieves her of stress? Hades, Poseidon and I think Zeus are business men that own companies. And there’s a fight scene where she meets others like Hercules.

message 21: by Beverly (new)

Beverly (massielovesbooks) | 1 comments Hi ,I need help finding this book.I can't seem to get it anywhere.The story is about an orphan girl,she is older thus helps finding food for all the little ones.One day she steals and she is caught and the king threatens to kill her unless she steals a jewels (or something of the sort) from an other kingdom.She then journeys to this dangerous places i think the first was a swamp or lake and the guardian almost killed her till she saw her eyes and gave it to her.At the castle the same thing happens then she realizes she is the long lost princess and that's why the guardians give her the jewels.And that the king stole her when she was a baby.Can anyone help?

message 22: by Jo (new)

Jo | 1 comments Does anyone remember a book about a high school girl who accidentally knocks down this popular guy/star football player down a flight of stairs and everyone is mad at her since he ends up hurt and can't play? She ends up having to look after him and bring him his class work.
Also, I think he wasn't that mad cause he didn't want to play football that badly but didn't want to let everyone down so he continued to play.

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