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Adelaide Forrest (adelaideforrest) | 16 comments * Title : Bloodied Hands (Bellandi Crime Syndicate #1)
* Author(s) name(s) : Adelaide Forrest
* ISBN (or ASIN): B0843MWD6P
* Publisher : independent on amazon
* Publication date : Feb 12, 2020
* Format : ebook pre-order
Amazon Link:
* Description :
Love finds you.
That’s why I’m still single, ten years after my high school boyfriend shattered my heart. It has absolutely nothing to do with him.
Or so I tell myself, anyway.
When I’m caught in the middle of a bank robbery, I can’t seem to mimic everyone else’s pure, logical fear. Not me. I’m pissed.
No way am I dying having never known real love.
So when the bank robber takes one look at my face and mutters my name in shock, I’m a little lost.
And then he follows it up with a plea for forgiveness from the devil himself.

I let her go once.
Now, Ivory comes strutting back into my life and making demands like she’s in charge.
She’ll learn quickly enough.
She’ll have to since I’m never letting her go again.
No matter what she has to say about it.

Disclaimer: Bloodied Hands is a full-length standalone novel with crime syndicate members and dark content.
The Bellandi Crime Syndicate Series includes several full-length standalones with HEA that can be read in any order, but would present a better reading experience following the suggested reading order.

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Arenda | 20818 comments Looks like you managed to add it yourself:

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