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message 1: by Matt (new)

Matt Ward (mattward) | 2 comments hey guys, i'm looking for beta readers for Death Donor: scientists invent cure for aging, the catch, it takes a life to save one.

i pasted the blurb below. it is 80k words and i'd love any and all feedback, especially lovers of science fiction, speculative and technothrillers.

please message me if you are interested and i'll hook you up with a free copy

alternatively, email me at

Would you sell your life to save another?

War vet Damon Jones is a lowly bodyguard for the biotech billionaire who revolutionized life extension. But at least he’s got a job, unlike most, and won’t have to sell his life to support his family. Sure, they’re poor, but he’s got death insurance, and a roof over his head. Life is livable...

But then Damon’s daughter is kidnapped, and sold for parts. Overnight, his life (and belief in the system his company perpetuates) shatters. When the rich bastards get off scot-free, Damon’s wife commits suicide, and he snaps.

Someone is going to pay. The only question, how to kill the heartless elites who use the poor like mindless livestock and whose security rivals most heads of state. And what happens to the senator who is fighting to abolish life extension?

Death Donor is a speculative fiction technothriller by renowned futurist and sci-fi author, Matt Ward, that features espionage, political drama, and fast-paced adventure in the dark dystopian world of synthetic biology. If you like Michael Crichton, Daniel Suarez, or Neal Stephenson, or loved dystopian classics like the Handmaid’s Tale, Brave New World, and Ready Player One, you’ll love this page-turning science fiction thrilller.

message 2: by Tony (new)

Tony Cartledge | 19 comments If you are interested in doing a swap, my sci-fi novel is about human/machine hybrids. We can do a 3-chapter sample to see if we're compatible. Brief synop below.

The new A.I is artificial no more, but based on the blending of multiple cloned neural networks to create a new individual, completely erasing the boundaries between human and machine. Despite their creation to be our staunch allies and partners in science and the humanities, there is fierce opposition to their claim for membership in the human race. Their brilliant minds give rise to astonishing advances in science and innovation, but also to a new kind of bigotry and hatred from their enemies. Their fight for status as citizens will be long and bloody and will redefine what it means to be human.

message 3: by Matt (new)

Matt Ward (mattward) | 2 comments hi tony, thanks for saying hey. it sounds super interesting but i'm just too overwhelmed at moment with other swaps. wish you good luck


message 4: by Tony (new)

Tony Cartledge | 19 comments No probs. Keep me in mind for the future.

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