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message 1: by Agnieszka (new) - added it

Agnieszka (agnieszka7) | 655 comments Can I join you? I have this book from my father and need some additional help to finally read it - a buddy read would be a perfect way for me.

Collyre | 18 comments yeah of course you can join :)

message 3: by Agnieszka (new) - added it

Agnieszka (agnieszka7) | 655 comments Collyre wrote: "yeah of course you can join :)"

Great! I'll start reading next week.

message 4: by Sunshine (new) - added it

Sunshine | 355 comments I am excited to start this one!

Collyre | 18 comments I'm think I'm starting this week , I'm also a little excited

message 6: by Agnieszka (new) - added it

Agnieszka (agnieszka7) | 655 comments Originally I was very excited until my father (whom I borrowed the book from) asked why I want to read read it since it's a horror? Since then I dread it because I think it's a very intense psychological thriller and I'm rather struggling with those. Still it's in Polish - my first mother language and I'll give it a try and hope even finish it.

Dominique  | 767 comments Going to listen to the audio while at work.

Valerie (nicehotcupoftea) | 150 comments I'm halfway through, and it's gripping. The back and forth style works well. Chapter 1 had me feeling quite uneasy.

Collyre | 18 comments I have started and hoping to be finish on Monday :)

Valerie (nicehotcupoftea) | 150 comments Finished, and dying to talk about it!

Dominique  | 767 comments I finished. That was a great book.
I'll go more into details during the weekend to let Collyre some time to join the discussion.

Collyre | 18 comments I finish it, so is everybody finish with the book?

Collyre | 18 comments How many star did you gave this book and did you like it?

Dominique  | 767 comments I gave it a 4. I liked it. I did listen to the audio, and it was well done.

Collyre | 18 comments Collyre wrote: "How many star did you gave this book and did you like it?"

I think maybe i would have like it more on audio, i only gave it 2 star. I feel like it was to slow for me, and the main character was very passiv.

Valerie (nicehotcupoftea) | 150 comments I gave it 4 stars. I had to suspend disbelief at times, because I thought she could have drawn attention and obtained help in multiple situations, but that didn't impair my enjoyment of the story, it was quite gripping.

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