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Great Wall of China
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Great wall of china

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message 1: by Galina (new)

Galina Farquhar (farqugal000) | 2 comments The Great Wall of China is one of the 7 Wonders of the World. But what would happen if you talked to other people from the past of how they feel about the Wall of China? Here are some facts that the book talks about. The Great Wall of China is a burial sight for a lot of the people who worked on the wall. If they died while they were working, they were buried into the wall itself. The book does not mention all the other sacrifices the people made when they built the wall. The book left all of that out, like it did not want us to know about the struggles the people were going through.

While I was reading the book, I searched beyond the book and found a lot of torturous things that happened to the people. They were forced, whipped, and yelled at to work on the wall. Some who did not want to build the wall, were killed on the spot and buried with the others. It was horrible and I felt like I wanted to go back in time. I wanted the royal family to pay for what they did to the people. They should have built the wall themselves. If you want to read a history book of China, this book is great, but it does not have everything that happened while building the wall.

message 2: by Jackson (new)

Jackson | 9 comments This looks like a really interesting book, I had never thought about the sacrifices made by the people who built the great wall before, I like how you mentioned what the book was and wasn't about so people knew what to expect.

message 3: by Kaiden (new)

Kaiden | 12 comments wow I didn't know that happen the wall was being built. It makes me look at the wall in a different way.

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