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message 1: by Sheri (new)

Sheri | 844 comments Mod
This is the discussion thread for book 4, Written In The Stars.

Feel free to answer any of the questions you like, ask your own, or list any other thoughts you had on this section.

In this section Zachary finds a crypt. Who do you think was in there? Who was giving the message through the book?

When Zachary and Dorian go through the wardrobe, where do you think they went? What does it mean that someone could faintly perceive and interact with Zachary?

Now that more of Allegra's motivations are known, is she a villain, or something else? Do you agree with her motivations and actions?

What do you think about the nature of the stories and the reality as we know it getting more intertwined?

Other thoughts?

message 2: by Jen (new)

Jen (piratenami) | 198 comments I could be totally wrong about everything, but I have some theories!

I'm not sure who was in the crypt... I assume anyone who dies while in the Harbor would be placed there? Maybe Eleanor's spirit was the one helping him, since he was part of her favorite book?

I think, for a little while, Zachary and Dorian stepped into another time, just like Simon and Eleanor did. They probably went back to a time when the Harbor was more populated. I was actually really interested to see the Keeper was there in the flashback, and looking exactly the same...

And just now, as I was typing this, I realized something. The Keeper is the innkeeper, isn't he? From the story about the Moon and the innkeeper? He's immortal now because of the Moon's bargain with Time and Death. (Is Mirabel somehow the moon?)

I believe Allegra is more misguided than an out-and-out villain. I think she wants to protect the Harbor from something bad, but her methods are bad and she's going about it the wrong way. If she's the painter, does that mean she's the one who taught Mirabel? Is Mirabel somehow secretly on her side?

I was actually really interested in something Dorian said, right before they find the Keeper arguing with Allegra. "I didn't think she'd actually do it." Who is she? Allegra? Also, Mirabel has been conspicuously absent... did she do something? Are they trying to destroy the Harbor?

Oh, and that final story about Zachary carrying one of the swords. Is he going on a quest to get Dorian back?!

I just stopped to write this up and really want to read more now!

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