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Cera  | 5133 comments Awesome!!! Did you have a particular place you wanted to start?

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Cera  | 5133 comments We can start at the night of the party then!!

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Cera  | 5133 comments Yep I will make mine in a few moments!

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Cera  | 5133 comments Here we go!

Name: James Williams
Age: 18
Looks: Tall, with curly black hair. Needs glasses but wears contacts most of the time. Bright ocean blue eyes. Muscular, he likes to work out and stay fit.
Personalty: James gain his bad boy rap through getting into fights in school. He can not stand bullies and when he sees someone getting into trouble he has to step in. He cares deeply for the people in his life and will always try to make people happy. He doesn't trust easily and will state his mind.
History: James' parents were not ready to be parents when James was born. They were young and in love but didn't have a stable house for a child. When James was born, his mother left him with his father and disappear. James never heard from or seen his mother since. His father never remarried and it just been James and him. His father worked two jobs for his son to have a better life for him and James adored his father for it. James got a job as a waiter as soon as he was able to work and been working as a waiter since he was 16
Likes; Reading, Rainy days, football, cats and dogs, running, hiking, and painting.
Dislikes: Green beans, liars, tea, thunder storms, and bullies.

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Cera  | 5133 comments your characters look great!!!

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Cera  | 5133 comments Ready to jump into the storyline then??

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Cera  | 5133 comments Do you want to start or should I?

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Cera  | 5133 comments ((Okey Dokey))

The party was in full swing by the time James got the house party. This wasn't his scene, the loud music and close bodies. He rather be at home with a quiet book or a good tv show. He was also tired. He had worked all night before and his body ache just to be in bed but he had came to this party with a mission in his mind. He needed to make sure Elle was okay. He didn't trust her boyfriend. That man was up to no good and while Elle hated him it seem like most of the time, he wasn't going to sit by and let something bad happen to a girl he liked. James was wearing dark blue eyes with a grey long sleeved shirt. His hair was combed back. His eyes track the kitchen as he moved deeper into the party. People greeted him softly as he moved but he ignore them, he was looking for one girl tongiht.

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Cera  | 5133 comments ((You good, i been having a hard time finding a moment of peace to be online so it is all good!))

James' attention got pulled away as a friendly voice bounced up behind him with a smile. Sammy. The blonde girl from biology who always seem to smile at him and save him a side. He paused knowing that if Sammy pulled him into a conversion, it would be forever before he could break away. "James! Didn't know you were going to be here!" He heard the friendly blonde spoke up as James turn to her with a smile. "I am not here for long, just following a rumor. Do you know where Hawthorne is?" He asked Sammy who nodded brightly. "She was with Carter. What a cute couple!" She said brightly nodded towards a corner of the party. "Last time I saw them, they were heading that way!" James thanked her before heading towards where Sammy last saw Elle and Carter.

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Cera  | 5133 comments ((You good! No worries!))

James paused as he saw Thorne chatting away with some friends. He didn't see Carter in sight. Maybe he was crazy and he misheard at school. He found a way to lean against watching the crowd. A few days ago he overheard a conversion between Carter and his friends that he was going to make a move on Thorne tonight but nothing seem to be going on. James sighed, you are just a big idiot, he thought to himself. He never knew what it was about Thorne but he always found himself draw back to her.

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