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Penny | 20 comments Pia opened the door to her new dorm, taking it all in. This is it! she thought. This is where I'll be living from now on! She placed her bags on her bed, already envisioning how she could decorate it all. She looked over thoughtfully at the other bed in the room, wondering what her roommate would be like. I'm sure she'll be amazing!!

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[How do you do the italics? Like, how do you slant the letters? I've been trying to figure it out for forever!]

Hiper straightened her collar and nervously walked in her dorm. She jumped when she saw somebody else already in.
"........" awkward silence. "......hi....I'm Hiper. You're, um, my partner, right!"

Hiper was envisioning all the ways she would talk about boys with her partner. She was a little boy crazy.

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Penny | 20 comments ((No worries! You type this: (i)whatever you want in italics(/i) except you put these < > instead of the parantheses! hope this helps!))

Pia whipped her head around as she heard another voice greeting her. The girl, Hiper, seemed a little older, and looked a bit nervous as well. Pia immediately smiled what she hoped to be an encouraging smile, hoping to put her at ease.
"Hello, Hiper, it's great to meet you! Yes, we're roommates now I guess:) Wow, I love your hair! Green is so cool!"

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The girl seemed friendly. "Hi. Thanks. Your hair is pretty too."

Hiper was horrible at starting conversations.

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I hope I'm not being childish, Hiper thought.

"What's your name?"

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[yay i figured it out thx]

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Penny | 20 comments Pia blushed at the compliment. "Awh, you're very sweet, no one's ever said that before! So, are you excited to be in the Academy? Where are you from?"

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"I'm nervous," Hiper laughed. "That's what I am. But I AM also excited. But I don't have much a eye for detail.......I'm from New Jersey. You?"

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Penny | 20 comments Pia chuckled in return, "No I get it, I'm pretty nervous too! I can't believe I'm actually away from my family and my home....." She trailed off as reality began to hit her. She shook her head slightly. "Sorry, I shouldn't get to sad. I can't cry on my first day here!" She said this with a shaky smile, but her lip trembled. "Anyway, I'm from Santa Barbra in California. And don't worry, even if you aren't detail-oriented, sometimes it helps just to have another perspective or a new way of thinking!" She was able to smile a real smile now.

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Hiper smiled. I like this girl she thought

[sorry, I have to go now! Bye Penny!]

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[I just posted my short story on Rubical. I am so excited to read yours!]

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Penny | 20 comments ((Sorry for disappearing!! I was baking and didn't want to be distracted ahaha! Also, ahhh I can't wait to read it! I haven't written mine yet, this week has been so busy! But hopefully I'll get it done before the due date, the prompt looks SO fun!))

Pia stood up and said, "Well, what should we do now? Are we supposed to go the class soon?"

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[Totally get it! It's ok. I dissapear a lot. I'll have to tell some people that I have school and stuff otherwise I'd be SUPER active]

Hiper snapped back to reality. "Oh, yeah, we should go."

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Penny | 20 comments "Great!" Pia grinned. "Here we go!"

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